How to Say “No” at Work and at Home

stressed out woman covered in post-itsWhat happens when you are held captive in a conversation you’d rather not be in, or asked to do projects you really can’t handle? Do you ever have trouble saying “no?”

Most of us strive to be polite and helpful in general. That’s healthy, but good manners are not the same as selling your own self short to accommodate requests of others!

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Last-Minute Gifts That Say You Care

herbsYou have a gym membership and you also read health and fitness information, so it seems like you care about staying in shape, feeling energetic, and being well, right?

When you take good care of yourself, it can become contagious! Satisfy the urge to show your loved ones how you care about their health wellness by giving these gifts.

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The Power of Looking on the Bright Side

workout woman smilingOne reason so many people enjoy hitting the gym to work up a sweat is the feeling of release: we tend to think that blowing off steam and getting out frustrations is good for us.

Fitness has been connected to a healthier mindset, but the power of positive thinking has its own lifestyle influences. It appears optimistic habits create a sense of wellbeing and influence physical wellness, too!

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

woman sleepingResearchers have been looking into the benefits of consistent, quality sleep for years, and their results seem to support similar conclusions across the board: it’s good for us.

We stand to gain a lot from superior sleep habits, ranging from improved athletic performance to more energy, to a stronger immune system. So, it helps to hit the hay!

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