Do We Gain from Pain, or Not?

man bench pressingYou’re working hard at the gym, and here’s how you know: you’re sweating, your heart rate is in the zone, you’re feeling “spent” and exhausted, and everything hurts.

Wait a minute—is your body supposed to hurt while you’re working out? And while we’re on the subject, what about afterward? Let’s take a look at the body language of pain.

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How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

woman on scaleIf you’re trying to lose weight, there are several approaches you might take to weighing yourself. Advice ranges from “every day” to “don’t go by the numbers on the scale.”

One recent study at Cornell University suggests that self-monitoring helps people lose weight and better sustain the loss. But should it be a daily ritual to step on the scale?

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Use Your Personality to Pick Your Workout

man doing bicep curlsGenetics plays a role in all of our development, from physical strengths and challenges, to other predispositions and preferences that shape our emotional and mental selves.

These basics of your personality—the aspects that help define your tendencies and your behaviors—can also reveal what workout you might have the most success with.

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Dressing Clean – Wear a Wellness Wardrobe

group of woman working outThere’s been plenty of welcome innovation in the active wear and textiles industry over the past few decades. From moisture-wicking shirts to great-fitting yoga pants, we have choices.

When you look beyond your basketball shorts, you might want to take a “clean” wardrobe view—much like eating clean, there can be health benefits to eco-friendly dressing.

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