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More Equipment, More Amenities & Less Social Distancing

friends high fiving at gymXSport Fitness is happy to provide more of what our members want as restrictions are lifted!

The state of Illinois will be lifting social distancing requirements on Friday, June 11th. Virginia lifted their restrictions on Saturday, May 28th.  New York will be following suit very soon as they are very close to meeting their reopening metrics. 


Skin Care Secrets for the Winter Season

Skin care secrets for the Winter seasonHealthy on the inside, fit on the outside, but what about wrapping it all in glowing skin? Take steps this winter to live well in your own skin and protect against the elements.

1. Keep Your Sunblock Handy

The sun can still be strong and do harm during the winter months, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions, both when you’re participating in winter sports, and to help avoid effects of the sun every day.

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Be Nice to Your Knees at the Gym

You’re working hard to be fit, but your body is fighting back a bit? Yes, stiff joints and inflammation can make you weak in the knees—here’s how to protect them at the gym!

First things first: if you’re not performing exercises with proper form, or if you’re doing the wrong types of exercises for your fitness or experience level, you might be prone to hurting your knees. Some examples of choices you might be making that can have a direct negative effect on your knee health during your workouts include:

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Fast and Easy Snacks for Every Diet Plan

fast and easy snacks for every diet plan

If you’re trying to lose weight, the first dietary change you’ll need to make is to eat healthy. Does that mean give up snacks? Nope! Snacking isn’t cheating if you do it right.

Depending on the eating plan you follow, you might consider the number and timing of your daily meals as a key to weight loss. Actually, it might not matter much if you eat five times a day, three square meals, or space out your meals but add in some snacks.

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Burning Extra Calories and Fat this Season

man checking his fitness watch

You work to stay in shape, but being indoors and eating through the holidays can make it tougher to be fit. Try these simple ways to burn extra calories and fat this season.

Use a Fitness Tracker

Owning a fitness tracker, or even a simple pedometer or cell phone app, allows you to determine the distance you cover, and count the steps you take. Some will give you info on the calories you’re burning, too. Wearing a fitness tracker and knowing this kind of information gives you constant advice on how to move and burn a bit more each day.

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Making Time for Yourself at the Holidays

woman with a dog in the snow

While full of joy, the holidays can also be a tough time to live well and manage stress. If it’s hard to find time to take care of yourself this season, try adjusting your approach.

It’s a common occurrence: many of us feel heightened stress during the holidays. The season that is supposed to be filled with happiness can easily turn sour if you don’t put your own needs somewhere among your priorities. Especially if you get to the point of putting your health, or finances, or pleasant relationships at risk.

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