Be Nice to Your Knees at the Gym

You’re working hard to be fit, but your body is fighting back a bit? Yes, stiff joints and inflammation can make you weak in the knees—here’s how to protect them at the gym!

First things first: if you’re not performing exercises with proper form, or if you’re doing the wrong types of exercises for your fitness or experience level, you might be prone to hurting your knees. Some examples of choices you might be making that can have a direct negative effect on your knee health during your workouts include:

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Burning Extra Calories and Fat this Season

man checking his fitness watch

You work to stay in shape, but being indoors and eating through the holidays can make it tougher to be fit. Try these simple ways to burn extra calories and fat this season.

Use a Fitness Tracker

Owning a fitness tracker, or even a simple pedometer or cell phone app, allows you to determine the distance you cover, and count the steps you take. Some will give you info on the calories you’re burning, too. Wearing a fitness tracker and knowing this kind of information gives you constant advice on how to move and burn a bit more each day.

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Streamlining Workouts When You’re Short on Time

couple doing chin-upsHappy you’ve joined a gym to be fit, but wish you knew how to make the most of your time there? Here are ways to streamline your workouts and get the results you want.

Have Plan and Stick to a Time Limit

Just like going grocery store with a shopping list, you will avoid wasting time at the gym if you know what you’re looking for when you get there. Don’t walk in without a clue of what is where or if you should do some cardio or head to the weights first. Wandering around or waiting for your turn is bound to eat up time.

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The Benefits of HIIT: Why You Don’t Want to Miss Out

group class doing an hiit workoutLooking for all-purpose ways to be fit? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one way to get more fitness benefits to compliment and make the most of your weekly schedule of workouts.

HIIT integrates short bursts of intense exercise, such as sprinting, jumping rope, burpees or stair climbing, with low-intensity recovery periods, such as walking or body weight squats—in interval that alternate a few minutes of intensity with 30 – 60 seconds of recovery.

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4 Top Exercises to Help You Build Big, Strong Shoulders

Man doing a seated dumbbell pressYou love the way your shoulders look and feel when they are big, strong and healthy—that’s why you need to work your front, middle and rear deltoids to help you be fit.

When you look in the mirror, what you see is the meaty fronts (anterior) and middle (medial) sections of your shoulders. That’s probably why they tend to get most of your attention at the gym. But we know you want to look good from behind in that tank top, too.
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