The Benefits of HIIT: Why You Don’t Want to Miss Out

group class doing an hiit workoutLooking for all-purpose ways to be fit? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one way to get more fitness benefits to compliment and make the most of your weekly schedule of workouts.

HIIT integrates short bursts of intense exercise, such as sprinting, jumping rope, burpees or stair climbing, with low-intensity recovery periods, such as walking or body weight squats—in interval that alternate a few minutes of intensity with 30 – 60 seconds of recovery.

You might find out you can get more from your workouts if you learn how to incorporate intervals—which involve working within heart rate zones, or, percentages of your maximum heart rate. But how to do that?

Using a heart rate monitor is one way to get started with HIIT, but you don’t need a heart rate monitor to benefit. Though, it’s important to gauge your efforts according to your level of exertion.

For example, if your heart rate reads on the low end when you’re training, but you feel your effort is very high, pull back and work according to your perceived effort. Participating in group training programs that use HIIT is another great way to discover all that interval training can do for you.

Don’t Miss Out on HIIT Benefits

  • Maximizes health and fitness benefits in minimal time
    • Burn more calories
    • Improve oxygen consumption
    • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure
    • Lower blood sugar levels
    • Improve heart health
  • Effective for long-term fat loss and overall conditioning
    • Reduce body fat and waist circumference
    • Train your body to burn fat rather than carbs
    • Boost your metabolism
    • Increase endurance and strength
    • Build muscle mass/increase lean tissue
  • Convenient way to make the most of total body workouts
    • Incorporate intervals anywhere you work out–gym, home or outside
    • Enjoy HIIT workouts on your own, with a trainer, or in a group
    • Continue to burn calories for hours after you stop exercising
    • Keep your body guessing with the exercise variety offered by HIIT
    • Progress through a “plateau” by ramping up your body to adapt

Give HIIT Workouts a try at XSport Fitness

X-IT Interval Training is focused on helping you reach your own maximum heartrate in the 1-hour session of intense intervals, with the goal of burning tons of calories and keeping that burn going for days!

Your heart rate will be monitored throughout the entire class, as you work through intervals including free weights, rowing, TRX training and more. This is the kind of workout that can help you get in the best shape of your life!

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StudioX Max Conditioning helps you build your total body strength with suspension training using interval workouts with minimal recovery time for maximum caloric burn. Sessions incorporate medicine balls, kettle bells and more.

Experience unique combination of balance and stability exercises to promote core strength, and focus on muscle development through bodyweight training. It’s a fantastic way to train for a lean and toned physique!

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