Fast and Easy Snacks for Every Diet Plan

fast and easy snacks for every diet plan

If you’re trying to lose weight, the first dietary change you’ll need to make is to eat healthy. Does that mean give up snacks? Nope! Snacking isn’t cheating if you do it right.

Depending on the eating plan you follow, you might consider the number and timing of your daily meals as a key to weight loss. Actually, it might not matter much if you eat five times a day, three square meals, or space out your meals but add in some snacks.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – How Tos Here

Healthy Apps for All Your Year-End Parties

shrimp and avocado ceviche

One of the best parts of the holiday season is all the time you spend noshing and sharing cheer. You can still eat healthy at the appetizer table with these tips and tasty recipes.

Just because it’s party time doesn’t mean you need go off the rails with health and fitness! Whether you’re sharing munchies at work parties or getting together for a champagne toast, keep this advice in mind and enjoy the special eats of the season.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – Recipes Here

Need Fit Food Fast? Soup to the Rescue!

chicken soup

Cool weather can mean more comfort foods and fighting to say fit. You might miss summer’s fresh bites; you can eat healthy and stay warm with these fast soup recipes.

For most of us, motivation tends to drop when the temperatures go down. And you don’t want to arrive home in the dark, starving for nourishment and grabbing seasonal go-tos like mac ‘n cheese or deep dish lasagna. Want comfort? Hot soup to the rescue!

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – Recipes Here

Protein Powder Recipes: Your Diet’s Magic Ingredient

Protein powder pizzaWant to eat healthy, lose weight, or build muscle? Classic diet advice is to increase your protein. This recipe collection lets you use protein powder as your magic ingredient.

Wish you could skip the shake when it comes to leveraging protein powder? You can! Using it as an ingredient is another way to get the protein and carbs your body needs to repair muscles, fight off cravings and keep you energized between workouts.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – Recipes Here