Skin Care Secrets for the Winter Season

Skin care secrets for the Winter seasonHealthy on the inside, fit on the outside, but what about wrapping it all in glowing skin? Take steps this winter to live well in your own skin and protect against the elements.

1. Keep Your Sunblock Handy

The sun can still be strong and do harm during the winter months, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions, both when you’re participating in winter sports, and to help avoid effects of the sun every day.

If you’re close to snow or water, UV rays can be even more potent due to the reflective surfaces, which makes wearing sunscreen even more important. For everyday use, applying a light sunblock, perhaps combined with a moisturizer is a habit you should keep year round.

2. Use Creams Instead of Lotions

When the weather changes, your skin care products should too. For most of us, winter leads to dry skin due to changes in temperature and humidity, so adjust your formulations accordingly.

Lotions have a higher quantity of water, making them thinner and easier to absorb. But in dry winter weather, creams are a better choice, especially for those with dry skin. Thicker, richer creams are a great choice before bed.

3. Avoid Taking a Long, Hot Shower

It’s probably just what you feel like when coming in from a cold spell outdoors, but a hot bath or shower is not a good choice for you skin in the dry, vulnerable winter. Skin has a barrier to seal in moisture, but winter and hot water can damage that.

Itchy dry skin is often a result, so showers limited to ten minutes are recommended, and opt for lukewarm water instead of hot water if you can. This is important advice if you suffer from conditions such as eczema and dermatitis that can flare up this time of year.

4. Wear a Hat, Scarf and Gloves

The skin barrier mentioned above needs to be intact and ready to function well to protect you from the weather. This is more challenging to do in the winter because temperature extremes, harsh winds and other natural elements can damage the skin barrier.

The right protective gear is an important part of protecting your skin. Mittens or gloves do more than keep your hands warm, they protect the skin on your fingers and palms from the cold. A hat and scarf provide the same essential protection for the skin of your ears, neck and face, which tends to be sensitive to exposure.

5. Turn on the Humidifier at Home

You likely spend much of your day in indoor environments that are heated and dry in the winter—at the office, the mall, the school, your car, the doctor’s office, not to mention at home.

Winter dry skin is further triggered by furnace-heated air. You’re likely to feel this effect in your nose and throat, too. If you don’t have a whole house humidifier, using a smaller unit in your bedroom when you sleep can really help you hedge against dry skin, chapped lips and even sinus issues.

LED Facials and Infrared Sauna Sessions can also help heal winter worn skin. Click here to request your complimentary week of sessions.