Did You Take Your Vitamin Today?

woman taking vitaminMany people have a tough time consuming the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Even when striving for a healthy diet, getting in 5 – 8 servings takes some dedication.

While natural dietary choices are the ideal, one simple practice that can serve as a failsafe is a daily multivitamin—not as a substitute, but a supplement, to support your fitness goals.

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How to Have Your Treats and Lose Weight, Too

woman with treatYou’re working on weight loss, and that means eating the right amounts, at the right times, of the right foods—and usually, it means cleaning up your diet act by avoiding junk food and treats.

But you really don’t need to eat “perfectly” to be successful with your weight loss goals. Here are some strategies for indulging in your favorites while staying healthy and losing weight.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – How Tos Here

High Protein Diet Benefits and Tips

High Protein DietWhile there are variables when it comes to the amount of protein we should include in our diet for optimal health, many of us active folks focused on fitness could benefit from a high protein diet.

Because your protein can come from whole foods from both animals and plants and supplements like powders and food products like bars, we compare a few easy sources you can count on.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – How Tos Here

Caffeine: Pros, Cons and Effects on Your Body

woman with coffeeCaffeine occurs naturally in some foods, but is it good for you? When it comes to fitness and physical performance, it goes beyond what’s inside the morning cup o’ joe for many athletes.

There have been numerous research studies that have produced a lot of different conclusions about caffeine. Let’s take a look at what it is, how it affects your body, and if you should indulge.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – How Tos Here

C is for Cool, Convenient Citrus

oranges and limesCitrus fruits are one of the most preferred tastes on the planet, so it’s no wonder so many cultures incorporate lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit into their recipes.

Besides all the flavor that citrus brings to liven up dishes, we find no shortage of health benefits, either. Take advantage of what citrus has to offer now, while it’s in season.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – How Tos Here

Asparagus Spears: Spring’s Secret Weapon is a Superfood

asparagusTake a look at asparagus and you’ll see why they call the stalks “spears.” Shaped like mini javelins, it’s a fun coincidence how a bunch of asparagus can fight off health risks.

Flavor: nutty and yummy. Texture: from crunchy to creamy, depending on how you cook it. Spring is the perfect time to try new things with this in-season superfood, asparagus!

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