How to Handle a Sweet Tooth

woman running away from cupcakesYou want to avoid having too much sugar in your diet because it can lead to weight gain and other health consequences, but overindulging in sugary foods is a hard habit to break!

As kids, many of us were served desserts for special occasions and given candy as a reward. And so our “sweet teeth” began. Here are four ways you can kick the sugar habit.

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Summer Berries: Your Best New Weight Loss Buddies

strawberries and blueberriesOne of the bright spots of summer is the vibrant fruits and vegetables in season. Berries are surely a favorite, not only for their great taste and vibrant colors, they’re healthy, too.

For example, research has shown that increasing your daily intake of the flavonoid compounds in berries can contribute to your weight loss goals. So get ‘em while they’re ripe!

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – How Tos Here

Foods Fit for Fall – Squash

squashWhen you think of classic autumn dishes, pumpkin might come to mind—especially because it seems everywhere you look, there’s another item flavored “pumpkin spice.”

But this fall, don’t pass by other winter squash varieties, with harder skins and brighter flesh than summer zucchini. Acorn, butternut and more are perfect picks fit for fall feasts.

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Eat Like Your Ancestors, And Enjoy It

wild game filetsIf you pay attention to the latest diet news or popular nutrition experts, you’ve learned that trends come and go—but there’s one eating style that has been making a recent comeback.

The “hunter/gatherer” is an integral part of the history of man and his diets. For eons, your ancestors ate unmodified foods, straight from nature. Here’s how you can, too.

EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – How Tos Here