Two Top Fats to Support Fitness – Olive and Coconut Oil

olive oilFats and fitness—it can be confusing. After all, it doesn’t sound like fat should be in the diet of someone who wants to be lean. And yet we know fat is essential…so, which fats are best?

Clean fats like avocado and raw nuts are a good starting point, and, cooking fats are likely to account for a lot of your daily fat intake. Let’s take a look at two top choices for oils in general.

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Comfort Foods You Can Keep On Eating

mashed sweet potatoesIt’s tempting to seek warmth and comfort from our food in the winter. “Comfort foods” fill you up and taste like home, so they seem bound to be unhealthy, right?

If the chill in the air makes you want good old-fashioned “stick to your ribs” meals, no need to deprive yourself. A few tweaks are all it takes to make these dishes over.

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