The Roots of the Season – Winter Veggie Recipe

roast root vegetablesWhile most people don’t have root cellars these days, storing hearty winter vegetables in a cool space is still a good idea—root veggies will keep for a long time in the fridge or basement, and they’re in season!

The benefits of root vegetables goes beyond their heartiness and low cost. They bring plenty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to your plate, and they taste delicious in a variety of recipes.

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The Quicker Winter Kitchen – Hot, Healthy Meals, Fast

woman in kitchenOne big reason many people are derailed from weight loss and fitness goals involves eating right… eating the right amount of the right foods at the right times takes work.

Plus, it takes time, and a bit of skill, too. Since eating well requires fresh ingredients and cooking meals, it can be tough in a busy winter life. Batch cooking to the rescue—fast!

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Foods Fit for Fall – Mushrooms

mushroom soupIs there any month more classically “fall” than October? There’s a nip in the air and throw blankets are back in season…suddenly you feel like cooking up comfort food.

We’re featuring a series of healthy autumn foods this fall. We’ve covered pears and fish so far. This edition we look at mushrooms and share a recipe for a creamy crockpot soup you’ll love, below.

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Cast Iron Cooking – Easy, Fast & Healthy

skillet mealIf you’re focused on food intake to help with nutrition and weight, there’s one key aspect of keeping things lean and healthy that you might not think as much about: how you cook.

Sure, what you eat – and how much – is important. But the cooking method makes a big difference too. A cast-iron pan is a fantastic choice for many of us. Here are some of the benefits.

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Healthy Fats, Healthy Heart, Happy You

avocado heartIn recent years we’ve heard all sorts of advice on how to approach the fat content in our diets: cut back, eat freely or unsaturated only? What about low-carb/high-fat diets?

Now we know that fats—especially the kinds that supply us with heart-healthy fatty acids—aren’t the enemy. In fact, we should make a point to include them. Here’s how.

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