Why You Get Muscle Cramps & How to Avoid Them

woman stretchingMaybe it’s the end of a long, tiring day, or in the middle of a hard work out, or worst of all, when you’re out on the field or competing in a race… muscle cramps can really shut you down.

While they’re not uncommon, you want to avoid them. Aside from the obvious pain, these spasms can cost you your performance, or even your sleep, depending on when they occur. Because cramps seem to come on suddenly without warning, whether it be a stitch in your side while you’re running, or a “charley horse” in the middle of the night, prevention is ideal.

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Insanity – Should You Give it a Try?

people in insanity classPerhaps you’ve heard of the popular cardio-based, total-body conditioning program created by Shawn T. – it’s called “INSANITY” and it’s based on the principles of what he calls MAX training.

Most people who give Insanity a try feel it pushes them to new training heights, which can mean more calories burned, faster results and a more efficient metabolism. But is it for you?

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Should You Ever Do as Many Reps as Possible?

man doing pushupsMaybe you’ve heard of “training to failure,” which requires you to perform a movement until you literally can’t anymore. Note: it’s not for beginners, and it’s not necessary for great results.

But there are other approaches to “as many reps as possible,” or AMRAP, which could be a great way for you to change up your workouts, break through plateaus and reach new goals.

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Fit For the Field – Train Like a Big Leaguer

baseball playerGone are the days of big, soft baseball players watching daisies grow on the field or sitting on the bench waiting for a quick turn at bat. Modern pros are highly-trained and in peak condition.

Today’s big league players impress with the speed of the swing, agility on the bases, power on the mound and strength behind the plate. To get that fit, try adding these exercises to your workouts.

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My First Fitness Orientation Part II: The Workout

woman working with personal trainerAs we follow along with our fitness blogger, Faith, we’re getting the first-hand scoop on what it’s like to be a newbie trying various experiences at XSport, from classes to the spa and more.

Last edition, we began the story about her first personal training session—the complimentary orientation offered to new members. Read on to learn what she did in the workout, and how it went.

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My First Fitness Orientation – Getting Off to a Solid Start

woman working with personal trainerHi, I’m Faith. In recent editions of the XSport Life, you may have read my play-by-play articles as a newbie experiencing XSport through Athletix, Boxing and pampering at the XSport Spa.

This time, I’ve been sent to truly start at square one, with the complimentary personal training session offered to all members. Here’s Part I of my series on this session, which resulted in some pleasant surprises, a little bit of soreness, and a totally doable personalized fitness plan for me.

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