Monitor Your Heart Rate for Better Results

Man checking a heart rate monitorUsing a heart rate monitor as you work to be fit can not only help you gauge your workout effectiveness, but also track results over time and adjust to improve your fitness progress.

What Do I Need to Know About My Heart Rate?

Remember as you strengthen your body through exercise, you also strengthen your heart. A stronger heart pumps more blood to your system per beat than a weaker heart, thus requiring less beats per minute.

Your heart rate is measured by the amount of times it beats per minute. During a resting period, a lower heart rate is optimal—that’s why your resting heart rate is affected by your fitness level, too.

Put all this together and you end up with a formula for success: a strong heart means more effective exercise performance. And more effective exercise performance equals a stronger heart for everyday living in between exercise.

What are the Benefits of Tracking My Heart rate?

Knowing your heart rate and how to control it is a great method for athletes to find their exercise sweet spot — where the body is being pushed just hard enough, without the risk of injury or overuse. But how do you know what your heart rate really is when you’re busy working out, or how your heart rate recovers when you’re at rest?

Enter the heart rate monitor. Wearing one on your wrist can give you all the information you need to make the most of your exercise session and to track and plan your training for better results. Because it’s not always about working harder, it’s about working smarter, and heart rate training is a wonderful way to get the knowledge you need!

XSport has a great selection of Heart Rate monitors for Polar®.

Choose the model that’s right for you:

Polar M600

M600 – Android Smartwatch with GPS

Polar M600 is the waterproof Wear OS by Google smart watch designed for fitness and sports. Stay connected while you train.

Polar Vantage M

Vantage M – Multisport watch with GPS

An all-round running and multisport GPS watch for anyone who loves setting new records. This slim and lightweight training companion provides you with all the data you need to improve your performance.

Polar A370

A370 – Heart rate, speed & distance tracker

Offering personalized activity and exercise guidance, this waterproof fitness tracker integrates continuous heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, and phone-assisted GPS. It’s your all day companion, now even more versatile.