Getting Fitness Results: Tips from a Top Personal Trainer

Fitness ResultsResults. Getting them is the reason most people join a fitness club in the first place. If you’ve ever wished you were getting more, better fitness results, faster, you’re not alone.

We’ve asked one of our top trainers for specific advice on how he gets fitness results with his clients, and what you can borrow from his approach to get the most from your own fitness program.

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Super-Fast Fitness Tricks to Fit into Your Schedule

woman doing squats at home with babyLet’s face it, winter hits, the holidays come, end of the year work deadlines are pressing and it tends to get tougher keeping up with your ideal workout routine. We get it.

Hopefully, you’re taking good care of yourself all year long, even when you’re busy. But when you feel pressed for time on some days and just need a quick fix to fill in, try these tricks.

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Hibernating? The Facts About Fat Storage in Your Body

couple doing plankWe all have our reasons for working out and eating smart—hopefully health is at the top of your list. And if we were to guess, we’d bet you probably want to get or stay trim and lean.

If you think fat storage in your body is the “enemy” of a fitness program, know that body fat serves its purposes and offers benefits, too. Here are some important facts on fat:

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Your First AthletiX Class: A Beginner’s Experience

couple doing battle ropesAt XSport, we know the value of fitness routine that offers plenty of variety and challenge. We offer more than traditional workouts, with hopes you’ll try new things.

Still, some beginners aren’t comfortable trying fitness alternatives. So, meet Faith, our XSport blogger. Read her play-by-play of the special classes she’s sampling, starting with AthletiX.

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