At XSport, we believe fitness is more than just working out, it’s a way of life. We hope you enjoy our newsletter and find some helpful takeaways for staying healthy as you Eat Smart, Be Fit and Live Well in your XSport Life.

Did You Take Your Vitamin Today?

woman taking vitaminMany people have a tough time consuming the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. Even when striving for a healthy diet, getting in 5 – 8 servings takes some dedication.

While natural dietary choices are the ideal, one simple practice that can serve as a failsafe is a daily multivitamin—not as a substitute, but a supplement, to support your fitness goals.

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Making the Most of Your Body Chemistry

people at gymThere are hundreds of processes taking place in the human body on any given day, and your inner workings are even more active when you’re active—that is, while you’re exercising.

It’s common to think physical activity is all about what happens to muscles, fat and calories, but there’s so much more to it than that. Here’s a primer on the chemistry of your workouts.

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Top Tips for Fitness Wear & Workout Gear Shopping

people at gymPart of the fun of having a hobby is getting to outfit yourself with supplies. When it comes to fitness, you might not need a lot of expensive toys, but you do need some quality.

It takes time to keep up with what’s new in core items like shoes and clothing, investments like outdoor gear, helpful tools like heart rate trackers. No worries, we have shopping tips for you!

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Fit For the Field – Train Like a Big Leaguer

baseball playerGone are the days of big, soft baseball players watching daisies grow on the field or sitting on the bench waiting for a quick turn at bat. Modern pros are highly-trained and in peak condition.

Today’s big league players impress with the speed of the swing, agility on the bases, power on the mound and strength behind the plate. To get that fit, try adding these exercises to your workouts.

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How to Have Your Treats and Lose Weight, Too

woman with treatYou’re working on weight loss, and that means eating the right amounts, at the right times, of the right foods—and usually, it means cleaning up your diet act by avoiding junk food and treats.

But you really don’t need to eat “perfectly” to be successful with your weight loss goals. Here are some strategies for indulging in your favorites while staying healthy and losing weight.

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My First Fitness Orientation Part II: The Workout

woman working with personal trainerAs we follow along with our fitness blogger, Faith, we’re getting the first-hand scoop on what it’s like to be a newbie trying various experiences at XSport, from classes to the spa and more.

Last edition, we began the story about her first personal training session—the complimentary orientation offered to new members. Read on to learn what she did in the workout, and how it went.

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Overcoming the Illusion of Not Having Enough Time

woman doing yoga at homeHave you ever heard yourself saying things like “I’m too busy to get to the gym today,” “It takes too much time to cook for myself,” or “My schedule is too jammed to train more seriously?”

The idea of not having enough time to take good care of yourself is both an excuse and an illusion. We may over-book ourselves, but we can reclaim our time with the right approach.

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High Protein Diet Benefits and Tips

High Protein DietWhile there are variables when it comes to the amount of protein we should include in our diet for optimal health, many of us active folks focused on fitness could benefit from a high protein diet.

Because your protein can come from whole foods from both animals and plants and supplements like powders and food products like bars, we compare a few easy sources you can count on.

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My First Fitness Orientation – Getting Off to a Solid Start

woman working with personal trainerHi, I’m Faith. In recent editions of the XSport Life, you may have read my play-by-play articles as a newbie experiencing XSport through Athletix, Boxing and pampering at the XSport Spa.

This time, I’ve been sent to truly start at square one, with the complimentary personal training session offered to all members. Here’s Part I of my series on this session, which resulted in some pleasant surprises, a little bit of soreness, and a totally doable personalized fitness plan for me.

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Caffeine: Pros, Cons and Effects on Your Body

woman with coffeeCaffeine occurs naturally in some foods, but is it good for you? When it comes to fitness and physical performance, it goes beyond what’s inside the morning cup o’ joe for many athletes.

There have been numerous research studies that have produced a lot of different conclusions about caffeine. Let’s take a look at what it is, how it affects your body, and if you should indulge.

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