Working Hard? Take a Warm Bath

woman relaxing in a bathYou may have enjoyed the feeling of taking a long, quiet bath to help you recover from a stressful time, but did you know a bath can help you recover from a tough workout, too?

When you tackle new exercises, increase your resistance, or exercise a bit longer, you might experience deep muscle soreness afterward that an Epsom salt bath can help.

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Are “Cheat Days” a Good Idea or Not?

couple eating pizzaOne of the pitfalls of working out and eating smart can be that feeling of denial—no one wants to feel restricted when a special occasion or a rough patch of life comes along.

If you’re ignoring too many of your personal pleasures as you work to get fit, you might find yourself wanting to “cheat” on your program. Done right, that can be a good idea!

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Restart Your Resolutions & Get Back on Track Today

workout friendsIf you set a lofty goal for yourself this past January, you’re not alone. Many people join a gym, change their diet, or vow to be more healthy as part of their New Year Resolutions.

But by February many goal-setters find themselves in a bit of a slump, losing enthusiasm. No need to walk away from your efforts and wish you had more staying power. You might be simply hitting a plateau with your new routine, getting yourself into a rut, or thinking it’s taking too long.

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Getting Ready for a Big Day? Let’s Do This!

female triathleteIt will be before you know it—wedding, graduation, reunion, vacation…triathlon? You don’t want to wait until the last minute to think about the shape you want to be in.

It should be something to look forward to, wearing that dress, suit, bikini or whatever. It can be—here are our top tips for planning ahead. If you get started now, you can look and feel your best for the big event.

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