Looking for Motivation? Try a Contest or Competition

woman on treadmillsThe quest to lose weight is one of the most common struggles of adulthood. Most of us have learned that it requires a lot more dedication than simply cutting back on seconds.

When you’re unhappy with your body, you need confidence to make changes. If you’ve tried and failed in the past, you need advice and motivation. A contest might do the trick!

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Setting New Goals

woman runningWhen you’re doing a year-end roundup of all you’ve accomplished, sometimes it feels like you’re not getting as far as you imagined you would when you first set your goals.

This is the perfect time for a goal refresh—and not just for your New Year’s Resolutions, either. Use this continual improvement model and you’ll always find new ways to grow.

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Are there Safe Ways to Shrink a Size, Fast?

woman with tape measureEver been invited to a big occasion and wished you could fit into those clothes that are a bit too snug? You’ve probably wished for fast weight loss—not usually recommended.

Instead of drastic efforts, a lifestyle change is the best bet. But to get rid of a little extra weight in a hurry, let’s look to these tips for help with water weight, digestion and bloating.

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