When Your Schedule Becomes a Stressor

happy woman in a fieldWhen you feel the pressures of work, home and personal life bearing down on your schedule, you probably do your best to juggle, prioritize, and fit everything in.

Still, that might not be enough! If you’re stressed by deadlines and challenges to be met, it’s time to work on reorganizing your time to help reign in the pace of your lifestyle.

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The Hidden Health Benefits of Flowers

rosesIn May our minds might turn to flowers—not only is there Mother’s Day, proms, and the start of the wedding season, but it’s also a great month to get our gardens started.

It’s an extra bonus to learn that some of the most beautiful and popular bouquet and planting choices have several hidden health benefits in their petals, scents and seeds.

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Easy Ways to Make Memories this Summer

scrapbooking image with family walking towards sunsetOne of the best parts about the fast-approaching summer season is the ability to enjoy a little more down time. Easy no-cook meals, lazy evenings on the deck… it’s all good!

Memorial Day gets things started: and the memories you make in summer are always special. Here are some ideas for picture-perfect moments you can create this year.

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On Being a Blood Donor: Facts and Myths

woman donating bloodIt might surprise you to learn that someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. That amounts to more than 41,000 blood donations that are needed every day.

A healthy lifestyle can offset medical issues that require blood, but the need for blood to treat accident victims, children, and more, is great–and a large number of us can help.

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