Top Tips for Fitness Wear & Workout Gear Shopping

people at gymPart of the fun of having a hobby is getting to outfit yourself with supplies. When it comes to fitness, you might not need a lot of expensive toys, but you do need some quality.

It takes time to keep up with what’s new in core items like shoes and clothing, investments like outdoor gear, helpful tools like heart rate trackers. No worries, we have shopping tips for you!

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Overcoming the Illusion of Not Having Enough Time

woman doing yoga at homeHave you ever heard yourself saying things like “I’m too busy to get to the gym today,” “It takes too much time to cook for myself,” or “My schedule is too jammed to train more seriously?”

The idea of not having enough time to take good care of yourself is both an excuse and an illusion. We may over-book ourselves, but we can reclaim our time with the right approach.

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What to Stream if You Can’t Make it to the Gym

woman doing yoga at homeEven though you might be one of the most committed people you know working on a regular fitness routine, it happens to all of us – sometimes life gets in the way of getting to the gym.

You might have a backup as simple as getting out for a run or dumbbells the basement, but maybe you’d like to find an alternative workout to try, whether you’re on the road for travel, stuck at home without a car, or on an off day for another reason.

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I Had My First Spray Tan – Can You Tell?

woman getting spray tanHi, I’m Faith. In recent editions of the XSport Life, you may have read my articles describing the experiences I had as a first-timer in a personal training session, Athletix, Boxing and the XSport Spa.

This time, I’ve done something completely cosmetic, not to mention great for my state of mind! If you’ve ever been curious about spray tanning as a helpful way to get a golden glow, read on.

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Getting Fit and Healthy While on a Budget

women in group training classYou’re trying to take care of yourself inside and out, including what you eat, how often you exercise, the effectiveness of your lifestyle—doing this well takes time, effort and money.

Though your health and self-esteem are worth your investment, with a little creativity, you can keep your health and fitness expenses in check. Try a few of our tips for budget-friendly fitness.

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3 Incredibly Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

woman drinking waterSometimes it seems there is an awful lot to learn when you want to do your best taking care of yourself. Health information, exercise routines, injury prevention, nutrition and diet guides.

There are a few basics, though, that run the risk of getting lost in the ongoing quest for health, fitness, beauty and youth. We cover them here, in all their incredibly simple, but essential, glory.

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