New Ideas for Getting Out of a Rut

woman at deskHave you ever described yourself as kind of… stuck? Maybe you feel stuck in a job, stuck on a fitness plateau, stuck in a stale relationship, or even stuck living where you live. Why is that?

Experts say the feeling of being stuck in a rut is likely to come from a deeper feeling that keeps you from making a change. Maybe you’re afraid, or uninspired. Here are a few ways to unstick!

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Prepping for Spring Break? Avoid Vacation Stress

girls on the beachIf you’re one of the lucky ones heading out of town for spring break soon, or even getting a jump on planning your next summertime trip, you’ll want to get set for a stress-free vacation.

Too many of us are pressured by vacation plans. We rush to get so much done before we leave, and are barely able to relax while we’re gone. These six steps will help you avoid all that and enjoy!

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Blame Your Parents or Your Choices? (Genes vs. Lifestyle)

woman exercising with daughterLook around the gym at all the body types, sizes and fitness levels. Many of them have been working out just as long, doing similar routines, eating similar diets. Still, the results may vary.

Are traits like athleticism or thinness inherited or developed? What if it seems like your family genes are holding you back when it comes to fitness? Nature vs. Nurture: we explore right here.

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When Your Schedule Becomes a Stressor

happy woman in a fieldWhen you feel the pressures of work, home and personal life bearing down on your schedule, you probably do your best to juggle, prioritize, and fit everything in.

Still, that might not be enough! If you’re stressed by deadlines and challenges to be met, it’s time to work on reorganizing your time to help reign in the pace of your lifestyle.

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The Hidden Health Benefits of Flowers

rosesIn May our minds might turn to flowers—not only is there Mother’s Day, proms, and the start of the wedding season, but it’s also a great month to get our gardens started.

It’s an extra bonus to learn that some of the most beautiful and popular bouquet and planting choices have several hidden health benefits in their petals, scents and seeds.

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