Getting Fit and Healthy While on a Budget

women in group training classYou’re trying to take care of yourself inside and out, including what you eat, how often you exercise, the effectiveness of your lifestyle—doing this well takes time, effort and money.

Though your health and self-esteem are worth your investment, with a little creativity, you can keep your health and fitness expenses in check. Try a few of our tips for budget-friendly fitness.

Gym Membership:

You don’t need to join a gym at the highest level in order to get the most from your membership. There are savings to be had for joining just one single location, for example, versus a membership to all locations with access to all amenities. Sticking with the basics, as long as you are consistent in your attendance, is enough to get and stay in shape.

Group Training:

Maybe you’d really like to benefit from a personal trainer but can’t fit private sessions into your budget right now. Then you’re a great candidate for group training (like X-IT Training), which provides you with the services of an expert trainer, and a program that accommodates your needs and goals, but at a lower expense than private training.

Eating Well:

There are many versions of healthy eating plans that can work on a budget. It’s not necessary to buy name brand “diet” foods when you can purchase wholesome ingredients and prepare fresh meals on your own. Buying in bulk and cooking in bulk are popular options not only for saving dollars, but saving time, too.

Need to save on protein? Cheaper cuts of meat get tender in the slow cooker with no added fat. You might even choose to supplement protein powder in your diet, which gram for gram can be less expensive protein source than boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

All your produce doesn’t necessarily have to be from the pricier organic aisle, either. If you focus on buying organic for the EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” and using the “Clean 15” as a shopping guide, you’re off to a solid start.


As mentioned above, when you’re adding protein, supplementing can be a cost-effective strategy. Look for blended protein powders to be more cost-effective than isolate, casein or hydrolyzed protein. Also, think quality. It’s a waste of money to buy unverified off-brands that don’t work well—choose supplements from health and fitness experts (like XSport) who have done the research on their product suppliers.

Clothes and Gear:

Clearance racks and outlet sites are your friends. We even have clearance items to browse through at XSport clubs, so be sure to stop by and find savings up to 70% off on what you need. Sporting gear and fitness shoes have an annual line of products, so if you can shop off season, after Christmas, or just before the start of a new season when last year’s models need to be cleared out. That means January or April for running shoes, or a bike, for example.

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