Top Tips for Fitness Wear & Workout Gear Shopping

people at gymPart of the fun of having a hobby is getting to outfit yourself with supplies. When it comes to fitness, you might not need a lot of expensive toys, but you do need some quality.

It takes time to keep up with what’s new in core items like shoes and clothing, investments like outdoor gear, helpful tools like heart rate trackers. No worries, we have shopping tips for you!

Try Before You Buy:

Your gym membership gives you access to all sorts of fitness accessories and small equipment which you can give a test run before investing in the same thing for yourself. Take advantage of the chance to compare kettlebell weights, try out the suspension straps. What fitness bands or elastic tubing would you like to buy to take in your suitcase when you travel? Use what you find at XSport as the testing grounds to see if you like that brand, or to compare to something else you find in a store.

See Before You Shop:

Look around when you’re working out at the folks who look the most comfortable and best equipped—it’s a great way to discover some of the fitness clothing and gear you might want to shop for. What is that brand of yoga pants that is so flattering? Is that one of those water bottles with a filter built in? And what shoes is that guy (who’s always on the treadmill because he’s training for a triathlon) wearing and where did he get them fit? It’s a great way to learn what’s out there and what works for others.

Ask the Experts:

Some gear is a big investment, not to mention, an important aspect of safety or injury prevention, so get some advice from the pros. Your cycling instructor can have a line on how to shop for a race bike. What putter does that golf pro love? And if you’re looking for things like supplements, a fitness watch or a tasty protein bar, don’t forget to shop at XSport, too. All the products have been vetted by our experts and selected for how well they perform.

Look for a Deal:

Once you’ve asked around, gotten advice and tried things out, there is nothing wrong with making sure you are getting what you want for a good price. Clearance sections or model closeouts are a great way to save! If you don’t need to the newest Polar Heart Rate Monitor, but still want to be able to track your activity, check out the models that are closing out and see if they will fill your needs without emptying your wallet.

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