Last-Minute Gifts That Say You Care

herbsYou have a gym membership and you also read health and fitness information, so it seems like you care about staying in shape, feeling energetic, and being well, right?

When you take good care of yourself, it can become contagious! Satisfy the urge to show your loved ones how you care about their health wellness by giving these gifts.

A Gift for Eating Smart

Fresh cut herbs are a welcome addition to anyone’s daily diet. They add flavor without adding sodium, sugar, fat or calories. Herbs also may have medicinal qualities, as suspected by the ancients and increasingly confirmed by modern studies of their anti-oxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. And as gifts go, this simple pail of fresh organic herbs growing on the windowsill all year long is quite a beauty.
Garden in a Pail by The Potting Shed


A Gift for Getting Fit

There are as many exercise preferences as there are people—finding the right combination of results, fun and motivation is the glue that keeps us stuck on our favorite routines. One thing almost everyone can agree on is the advantage of a little background music. Whether it’s to get someone through their intervals, their yoga breathing, or the many miles they’ll put on their running shoes, pre-packaged playlists are the perfect solution.
Something for everyone at Workout


Gifts for Living Well

For Her: Celebrate the beauty of her strong commitment, strong mind, strong body… with a lovely piece of handcrafted jewelry. Inspirational phrases stamped on these bracelets include “Stronger than Yesterday,” and “Strong not Skinny,” just to keep things in perspective. Available from HeartsInYourJewelery on Etsy

For Him: Compression socks are all the rage, and thankfully they don’t look like they belong on a granny or a hospital patient anymore. Pick up a pair of virtually any color, including holiday stripes and snowflake designs. The benefits involve reduced swelling and inflammation for quicker recovery and less soreness post workout. Also great for travel or all-day standing shifts. Available from ProCompression

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