Message to Members Regarding the Coronavirus

woman cleaning treadmillThank you for being a loyal member of XSport Fitness!

As an XSport member, we know that health and fitness are priorities in your life. We understand that you may have concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to provide a healthy environment for you to reach your fitness goals and are providing these basic tips with that in mind.

• Wash your hands often. The rule of thumb is to wash your hands long enough to sing the “Happy Birthday” song two times.

• Disinfect commonly touched items. Wipe down door handles while at work or home and your workout equipment while in the gym. We recommend wiping down equipment before and after use.

• Fist bumps & waves. Minimize the high fives and handshakes and incorporate fist bumps and waves into your greetings.

• Rest and listen to your body. We may want you to push yourself during your workout routine, but if you are not feeling 100%, stay home. Give your body time to rest and heal. Come back in for your next workout when you are feeling your best. We will be here for you.

We have advised our team of these best practices as well.

We provide disinfectant spray and paper towels throughout the gym as well as hand soap in each locker room. If you notice that any of these items are missing or running low, please let an XSport team member know so that we can make sure that they are available for our members.

Thank you & have a great workout!

The XSport Fitness Team