How to Live Well When You’re Always Busy

inspirational quote- you can totally do thisModern life includes plenty of pressure to get more done and fit more in. Here are some ways you can beat the constant stress and hassle, and live well with your busy schedule.

A great way to start thinking about making a positive shift away from too much busyness, is by defining the “more” you feel you must fit in and get done. Are you looking for more down time, or more free time? Would you like to go more places, or acquire more things?

Sometimes goals could make you busier instead of happier! Following are several aspects of your lifestyle you can focus on to help you live well.

Taking stock.

A busy schedule can be related to many aspects of your lifestyle—where you live, how you work, your health, your family…all part of living well. As you make life choices, ask yourself how they align with priorities you would like to fit in.

Your priorities.

What is of the most value to you? That is where you find your key to living well. Not more to get done, but more to get out of each day. To live well with a busy schedule, think about what you miss out on, because you’re not fitting it in.

Your must-dos.

A list of your priorities might show you where your heart is, but still not reveal some of the activities you know you must do—get to work at a job you don’t love, get medical treatments for a condition you wish you didn’t have. Your goal is to leave some wiggle room between obligations, to fit in time to make improvements.

Your desires.

Living well is subjective, per our interests and desires. What makes you happy, deep down? It might already be within reach, if you take a look at what you wish for and how you define it. Do you need to go to Greece to see beautiful sights or travel in an RV to spend time in nature? No. Dig deeper into your desires.

Your challenges.

Life presents plenty of expectations and limitations. But why view life’s best parts (relationships, the chance to give, etc.) into obstacles that get in the way of living well? Challenges are ways to increase your strengths and learn new things. Embrace them.

Do you need help?

Resources can make all the difference between living well while busy, and being busy wishing for more. People at work and home may be open to pitching in more, but you haven’t asked. Technology makes life easier in many ways from getting a ride to the airport to keeping in touch with old friends to your XSport Fitness app that lets you schedule workouts, check recipes and more!

Look deeper.

Your clothes, your haircut, your home decorations… these are the little extras in life, and as they say, don’t sweat the small stuff. Missed out on a date with a friend? Reschedule and move forward. Gained a few extra pounds? Don’t worry, just do what you can to stay in a healthy body weight range.

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