Can You Still Have Fun When You’re Focused on Fitness?

group of people flexing their musclesDid you ever feel like you didn’t want to go to the gym? Have you ever gotten tired of cutting back or “being good,” when it seems like everyone else is doing what they want?

You know you need to stay focused on fitness even when you don’t feel like it. You can, if you’re open to changing things up, having fun, and feeling good while getting fit!

Here is a thoughtful list of ways to keep yourself enthused, avoid burn-out, and actually enjoy your health and fitness endeavors.

  1. Be a fitness-minded person all day, instead of seeing fitness as an isolated chore.
    When you make decisions in all walks of life from a “this is the new me” perspective, it’s invigorating. If you only view your fitness goals through the lens of “something else I have to do,” it emphasizes the negatives. Maybe you can choose to stand more instead of sitting, to walk more instead of parking close, and to start a delicious clean eating recipe file so you have a dish you love to bring to the next party. It’s the new you!
  2. Try something new every single week that promotes your fitness goals.
    It can be a new recipe, a new running shoe store, a new playlist or a new cardio machine. Make it an event to get inspired. No reason to be bored…keep things fresh!
  3. See how fast you can go, and/or be as efficient as possible.
    This is a doubly fun and practical tip, because if you can manage to move through your workouts faster, or get more done through sheer planning and concentration, you are sure to increase your results. And you will have a special little challenge to keep yourself going. You don’t want to sacrifice form to go faster, but you might try cutting back on your rest time, for example. And to be more efficient might be as simple as incorporating an interval program or biking to the gym to get your cardio done!
  4. Use social media to brag a little—it’s impressive how much you check in!
    The people in your everyday life might know all about your goals, and if you live with them, they probably are aware of everything you’re doing to stick with your new fitness routine. If they aren’t as involved with your efforts as you would like, why not reach out to your cousins or old neighbors about the transformation you’re making? It feels great to get support and maybe a few compliments along the way. And you might find a long-distance companion to share ideas and accomplishments with as a bonus!
  5. Put your newfound fitness to use. Play and work harder to enjoy your results.
    It feels good to know you are creating new opportunities for yourself to feel confident, strong and energetic. What have you wanted to do for fun that used to be out of the question because you weren’t in shape? It might be time to sign up for those skating lessons or visit the rock climbing wall. Or plant that new rock garden, or go on the charity walk weekend you’ve been thinking of for years. You can do it!

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