Restart Your Resolutions & Get Back on Track Today

workout friendsIf you set a lofty goal for yourself this past January, you’re not alone. Many people join a gym, change their diet, or vow to be more healthy as part of their New Year Resolutions.

But by February many goal-setters find themselves in a bit of a slump, losing enthusiasm. No need to walk away from your efforts and wish you had more staying power. You might be simply hitting a plateau with your new routine, getting yourself into a rut, or thinking it’s taking too long.

Instead of giving up on your resolutions, use these tips to restart them. A few easy tweaks to adjust your plan and you can get back on track, and stay there!

  • Shrink down your goals. It’s nice to have big dreams, but you might have more success with little goals that you can achieve faster so you can measure the results. For instance, if you resolved to lose 20 lbs., switch it to a “micro goal” like you’ll only eat sweets once a week. That way, you’ll know every week that you are on track.

    Or if your resolution was to run your first 5K, shrink that down to running a mile, and then you can up it to two miles, and so on, until it’s time to sign up for the race!

    Breaking down your goals into manageable “bite-sized” nuggets not only helps you feel you’re making forward progress, it gives you more personal wins—and that fuels enthusiasm. So, reevaluate your resolutions and revive your efforts by creating “baby steps” for whatever you hope to achieve.

  • Find a friend. For some reason, committing to yourself isn’t as effective as committing to another person—that’s one reason why workout buddies are such a help to each other. So, if you’re starting to lose your motivation, consider involving someone else in your quest.

    Want to get to a certain group exercise class every week, or find yourself doubting that you’re getting any stronger? Introduce yourself to another class member, or find a friend in the weight room, and agree to meet up each week.

    And here’s another great idea: ask for help! We tend to feel shy about admitting what we really don’t know, and that can cause us to stall. Don’t go it alone and lose momentum. You might be surprised at how willing the gym staff and regulars are to point you in the right direction, if you’ll only ask!

  • Plan to celebrate. You’ve probably heard of people who quit smoking by collecting all the money they save from not buying cigarettes, and then treating themselves to a nice vacation in the clean, fresh air. This tip builds on that same concept, but scales it back to fit your own particular situation.

    For example, you might find a friend and commit to a goal of meeting at the gym three times per week for a full month. When you do, it becomes celebration time, and you go out for a nice steak dinner.

    Or, you might have a short term goal of moving 20 miles per week on the treadmill. When you reach that goal, you have a perfect reason to get a pedicure or that new pair of shoes you’ve been working toward.

    Celebrate your victories – and know you deserve it!

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