Ideas for Planning a Healthy Vacation

woman on a zip lineRelaxation or recreation? Whichever goals you put first when vacation planning, you can keep it a bit healthy, too. These ideas will help you live well and fully enjoy your next trip!

What do you mean by “healthy” vacation?

Don’t worry, it’s not necessary that you sacrifice all the fun, good food or rest you may be looking forward to. While vacation style is a very personal choice, one thing that is universal is that vacations are made to get you away from the everyday stressors of working hard on the job and at home.

On the other hand, you don’t want to return to the stresses of taking off a bunch of vacation weight or feeling bad about your time spent lounging. One way to strike a perfect balance is to plan a vacation that has some good-for-you activities or food built right in.

Whether you’re attracted to a fitness adventure or a cleansing, Zen-like experience, here are a few inspiring ideas for vacations that will keep you smiling and well.

Hiking, Camping or RVing

RV trips are great options for an active vacation because you can eat healthy by preparing your own meals, bring all the comforts of home (including your pets), and enjoy nature, fresh air, and less stress as you move at your own pace. They’re also a more affordable healthy summer vacation, often half the cost of more traditional vacation housing like hotels or resorts.

There are 16,000+ campgrounds in the U.S. and hundreds of national and state parks. In addition to all the outdoor activities to enjoy when you go camping, you can also choose parks that are eco-conscious, geared toward foodies, offer yoga classes, hold astronomy events, and more. The parks will offer plenty of trails, maps to get you on the backroads and more natural beauty that you can see from a plane window or hotel balcony.

Sporting or Wellness Retreat

It’s possible to create your ultimate active vacation, meshing your favorite activities with a destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Whether it’s a ski and snowshoe lodge, a beachside condo or a yoga spa retreat, you don’t need to be limited to one activity on your vacation either.

Think excursions: a trip to the hot springs, zip-lining, exploring caves and canyons, or learning to scuba. Specialty travel packages are also worth exploring for this kind of planning. Imagine visiting a ranch to learn about sustainable farming techniques and picking the food you’ll eat that evening, and falling asleep after a night under the starry sky. Ahhh…

Urban Walking Tours

On the opposite end of a quiet ranch or beachside condo would be a trip to see sights, learn culture, shop local and more. If you’re less interested in rejuvenation through relaxation, and more about going and doing, consider planning a vacation that involves physical activities that you thoroughly enjoy.

Hitting up your bucket list of museums is just as valid a way to improve your well-being as heading to the lake for a lazy canoe ride. Walking tours are especially intriguing, and a healthy way for you to put on miles while basking in the pleasure of a new environment. Changing up the scenery, socializing with fellow travelers, or asking locals the best places to dine on slow food, will make for the kind of getaway bound to help you feel renewed when you’re back at work.