Cryotherapy—What Is It Good For and Should You Try It?

woman in a cryotherapy sessionExercise recovery and spa services are all about helping you focus on self-care and how to live well in your fitness lifestyle. Here’s something new to explore—cryotherapy at XSport!

Cryotherapy Defined

So, what is cryotherapy exactly? In general, it refers to cooling the body temperature for therapeutic reasons. In practice, that can mean submerging yourself in icy water, isolated chilling of certain body parts, or whole body cryotherapy in a designated cooling chamber.

At XSport Fitness, we are now offering whole-body, nitrogen-free cryotherapy treatments in a few of our spa facilities. This is a safe and effective alternative to the more common nitrogen-based option. Your body can experience an optimal 30˚- 45˚ decrease in skin temperature in minutes while in the chamber. And many people who have tried cryotherapy have enjoyed how it rejuvenates the body, skin and mind!

Possible benefits of cryotherapy can include:

  • Pain relief after injury, overuse or tough training
  • Localized treatments to reduce inflammation
  • Nervous system stimulation to release endorphins
  • Mood and energy elevation, enhanced circulation and more!

Is Cryotherapy in Your Future?

For some people, the idea of a cold-shock therapy may be off-putting at first. But many athletes and trainers are using it in a variety of settings, ranging from elite training for sports teams and endurance athletes, to high intensity workout enthusiasts seeking another level of rest and recovery.

That’s likely because of the relief from symptoms that cold exposure can provide—remember, the components of the tried and true “RICE” treatment after injury are Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation.

While all the potential uses for cryotherapy are yet to be discovered, it’s often linked to treatment that results in ultimately increasing blood flow and lowering the effects of inflammation. This places cryotherapy applications in the world of massage, fascia release and other forms of spa and sports therapy.

Want to give it a try? Request a Crythotherapy Session at XSport.