Healthy Menus for Moderation (Not Starvation)

Healthy MenusYou’re in a rut with your eating plan—it’s getting boring! Plus who feels like shopping in the snow? You miss comfort food. What’s your next move?

You might resort to convenience foods, piles of pasta or even giving up on losing weight this winter. Don’t! Eat tasty food create healthy menus for moderation instead.

Some of the more popular approaches to eating in moderation as a part of a weight loss program are portion control, counting calories and counting macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates. Whichever approach you decide to adopt, the first key to success is making sure you’re not feeling hungry and deprived.

With a bit of focus, most people can learn to naturally revise their eating habits to consume mostly wholesome, nourishing “clean” food and not too much of it. If you can manage to do this 80% of the time, allowing for “cheat” meals or a free day of food intake for the other 20%, you’ll usually have success with your weight management.

But what do healthy menus really look like, when it comes to mealtime?

We have some sample menus for you to compare a 1500 calorie per day eating plan, a cleaning eating program that focuses less on counting, and more on nutrition and satisfaction. Keep in mind, a bigger person doing some serious strength training will need more than 1500 calories a day to eat healthy and build lean tissue. In the same way, and active endurance athlete might need larger than average portions of fats or carbohydrates.

But all in all, you can take a peek at these two daily healthy menus and decide on the “moderation” approach that will work best for you. They both will taste great and fill you up!

What a 1500 Calorie Day Looks Like

To support high activity, strength training or a long term weight loss journey, you can add calories and protein by increasing portion sizes for meat and fish, hummus and tofu, Add healthy fats with the addition of olive oil, nuts and avocados.

1,500 calorie meal plan

Menu courtesy of Discover Good

What a Healthy Menu Day Looks Like

To support weight loss goals, keep a closer eye on portion sizes for high-calorie or high carb foods such as fatty meats with skin on, bread and white potatoes, legumes and dairy. It’s not easy to derail weight management with broccoli, brown rice and fish!

Healthy Meal Plan

Menu courtesy of The Gracious

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