How to Build Hand-Eye Coordination for Peak Performance

Want to be fit from head to toe and make the most of exercise to peak your performance? Eye-hand coordination is one tool you can use to improve your workouts.

The ABCs of Exercise and Performance

You know that exercise is good for your physical and mental health, but did you ever stop to think how exercise is good for more subtle things, like your senses and reflexes?

Agility, balance, coordination and speed. Put it all together and you get the ABCs of better performance on the field, at the gym and even in life. This is one way to look at the benefits of hand-eye (or eye-hand) coordination that results from fitness training.

When it comes to coordination, reaction time, precision and grace, body mechanics and muscle memory both matter. So much information comes through your sensory system to inform your movements, especially your eyes!

What You See and What You Do

Your eyes inspire the kinetic chain that ultimately leads to what we call eye-hand coordination in everyday life.

Clearly, hockey, tennis, baseball, golf and basketball players require this skill. But so do boxers, martial artists, carpenters, musicians and chefs! There are fine motor skills involved, plus aim, focus, muscle memory and more.

In fact, interaction between the brain, the eyes, the hands and other limbs is essential to even our simple, daily functional tasks, like tying our shoes and sending a text.

Here’s an overview of a few top-notch ways you can use XSport Fitness workouts to build your eye-hand coordination, a huge component of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Group Fitness

  • Arms & Abs is the class for you if your’re looking to create sleek definition in your upper body while keeping taking cues from your instructor to build muscle and muscle memory. You’ll emphasize the movements that target your core and your arms (and hands!). You’ll also coordinate your back, shoulders and chest in your workout for everything above the belt.
  • Muscle Up is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Your eye-hand coordination is bound to improve in this class, where you’re using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. It’s a total body workout that helps you burn calories and advances your ability to follow along with an inspiring, strength building routine.

Group Training

  • X-IT classes give you a chance to work with a variety of equipment to develop and fine-tune your coordination and reflexes. Bursts of intense activity will keep you on your toes, as you handle kettlebells, sprint, toss medicine balls and more.
  • X-Fight brings you exposure to boxing and MMA, in a trainer-led workout environment. The fast-paced intervals move through drills focused on eye-hand training and martial arts favorites using heavy, Muay Thai, upper cut and double end bags with grappling dummies and jump ropes.