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Make the Most of a 30 Minute Gym Workout: Strength and Cardio

30 Minute Gym WorkoutEven serious athletes find themselves crunched for time to work out—what do you do when work, family, and other obligations leave you with only the time for a 30 minute gym workout?

There’s no reason to say it’s not worth it and skip your session altogether. If you can fit in a half an hour at the gym, you can use several different tricks to make the most to be fit.

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Portion Sizes: A Quick and Easy Guide

Portion SizesIf you’re serious about maintaining a balanced diet with the right ratios of nutrients to help you meet your goals, you’ve probably heard the notion that you should practice controlling your portion sizes.

That’s because when it comes to weight management and healthy nutrition, the amounts of foods you eat can and do matter. Here’s a simple way to judge serving sizes just by looks alone.

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5 Tips to Fail-Proof Fall Workouts

Fall WorkoutsAutumn is a great time of year-it brings cool weather, beautiful scenery, holidays, warm drinks, seasonal foods, and you name it! Unfortunately, it is also a time in which people tend to avoid or decrease their fall workouts. While we love to spend quality time with our loved ones and cuddle up to the warmth of fires, this isn’t going to help burn any calories or meet fitness goals! Here are fail-proof tips to help you stay on track and meet those goals!

Tip #1: Get your fall workouts done first

We all know you want to cozy up next to the fire with a cup of coffee or tea. But treat yourself after you’ve completed your exercise session for the day! This will ensure that you get a workout in, rather than letting the couch get the best of you.

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Healthy Salad Recipes for Muscle Building

Healthy Salad RecipesWhen you think of having a salad, chances are it doesn’t strike you as the most satisfying meal—or one that can actually help you in your quest to build muscle. Actually, a salad can be the perfect meal to support your fitness goals. The key is in balancing protein, fat and carbs. We have three amazing healthy salad recipes that do it just right. EAT HEALTHY in The XSport Life – Recipe Here