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How Long Should You Rest Between Sets?

man leans over to take a breakJust in case you haven’t learned this (or maybe you need a reminder), rest is essential to your workout routine. You need rest days between workouts, and rest between sets.

But while it’s easy to remember to rest your muscle groups for a day before training again, it’s not so easy to know how much rest between sets is best. Here’s a guide.

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3 Secret Muscles You Should Be Working

woman doing back exercises on a balance ballWe all know about the “big” muscles like thighs, glutes, abs, chest, back and shoulders. The most popular exercises at the gym will typically hit on those we see in the mirror.

But you are missing out on an opportunity to take your strength and fitness to the next level if you skip these three smaller “hidden gems.” Don’t keep them in hiding!

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The Facts and Fallacies of Muscle and Fat

couple doing planksBecause our fitness level is a key contributor to our health and our looks, most of us have tried or heard about different training approaches to get various physical results.

Having accurate information helps us choose the most effective ways to reach our goals and stay healthy. So let’s take a look at the basic facts and myths about body fat and muscle.

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