At XSport, we believe fitness is more than just working out, it’s a way of life. We hope you enjoy our newsletter and find some helpful takeaways for staying healthy as you Eat Smart, Be Fit and Live Well in your XSport Life.

Nutrition 101 for a Lean, Fit Body

nutrition 101Diet fads and food labels are now more confusing than ever. The food industry has made it difficult to have a clear focus of what is truly good for one’s health.

Instead of looking at the latest weight loss trend, we need to focus on eating well as a part of one’s lifestyle. Food in its whole, natural form should still be attainable and enjoyable! Although exercise and other lifestyle choices are very important, they should be paired with proper nutrition.

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Push Through Your Fitness Plateaus

men workout out with kettlebellsAfter you spend some time getting fit, losing weight, building strength, or any other goal you might have for your workout results, it’s common to run into a fitness plateau.

Plateaus can be as subtle as stalling out on fat loss, or as extreme as hitting a wall when you’re training to increase endurance. Use these approaches to push yourself through.

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When Weight Loss Leads to Winning

Get Fit Challenge before and after imagesMaybe you’ve watched some of the weight loss and fitness makeover shows on TV, and wondered how much of the participants’ progress is actually achievable, for YOU.

We can’t speak for television’s biggest losers, but there are many success stories among our XSport Fitness members. Like our latest Get Fit Challenge Grand Prize winner, Troy!

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8 Great Ways to Change Up Your Pushups

couple doing pushupsWhen you think of the most amazing fitness routines or the best exercise programs ever, good ole’ pushups might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But think again.

Pushups are classic because they work—in fact, they’re one of the most versatile and effective exercises you can do. Getting bored? Give your pushups a little makeover!

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