It’s Spring Break Time: Top Tips to Stay on Track

two woman at the beachMaybe you’re going on vacation, or maybe you are lucky enough to be able to take some time off for a “staycation,” when you don’t have to pack to go anywhere.

Or, even if you won’t be officially “on break,” chances are you’re feeling winter weary and as ready for a break in your routine as ever. It’s all good—but let’s stay on track!

Just because your New Year resolution might seem far behind you by this time of year, and the weather hasn’t been much to celebrate, either, it’s no reason to lose sight of your goals… remember swimsuit season will be here before you know it!

It’s totally doable to cut yourself some slack and remember your healthy fit lifestyle at the same time. Here are some tips that will help!

Streamline your exercise:

If you’ll be travelling, away from the gym near the office, or taking some days off at home, you can decide on a short, effective bout of exercise you can keep up without a fuss.

Pick a set of basic exercises for your upper body and core that don’t require any equipment, like push-up and planks. Use something simple like a quick run or a swim to get in a bit of cardio. Add in a stretch plus a few deep squats and you can be done in a jiffy and back to exploring or relaxing.

Pick fun activities:

The main benefit of taking a break is getting yourself out of a rut—you can have some fun and stay fit, too, if you choose the right activities.

Whether it’s beach volleyball, hiking to a waterfall, bowling with your group of old friends or walking all day in the city, you can fill your spring break with movement that makes you happy.

Drink water and snack wisely:

Sometimes the age-old advice still makes sense, so you might as well listen: if you will be tempted by treats, drinks and big fancy meals, it’s a good idea to stave off hunger and thirst before it becomes an issue.

If you happen to be going somewhere sunny, you want to stay hydrated for the obvious reasons… no one enjoys the after-effects of dehydration, which include headache, cramps, and more.

But even if you aren’t really leaving home, keeping up on your water and healthy snacks like fruit and nuts will help you stay on track—it keeps your energy up so you don’t feel like vegging out all day, and it keeps your belly a little bit full so you aren’t so tempted to splurge.

Bonus: water and some food in your belly even help you avoid a hangover.

Catch up on your sleep:

There comes a time when we all feel like we need a rest. And we do! No need to burn the midnight oil your entire break: why not schedule in a few naps, and skip the sunrise sessions?

Taking time off is healthy. And missing a few workouts or eating a few special meals is nothing to fret over, as long as you remember you still have your goals. You can return back to your normal routine soon enough—have fun in the meantime!

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