6 Fun To-Dos to Spring Out of Your Winter Rut

group of friends on a nature hikeFeeling bored with your routine, or stuck in a rut? It happens, after a long winter and maybe a little hibernation, we all can use something to spring us into a fresh season. Add a few new to-dos or change up your environment to “unstick” yourself, starting with this list of six simple, fun ideas.

  1. Try a new food every day. Meal planning takes on a whole new dimension when your goal is not just to count or limit what you can eat, but instead, to eat outside the box and find something new you can try. Start with the produce aisle and you can hardly go wrong with anything from pea shoots to starfruit.
  2. Take a local day trip. Getting a fresh perspective on your surroundings can truly make you feel like you’ve “gotten away” from it all. Do some research and plan a day made just for you, by you. Yes, it’s called taking a break, and it’ll make you smile. Maybe you can work in a nature hike, or check out a cool historical site.
  3. Refresh your closet. Cleaning a closet doesn’t have to be just another chore. If you set your sites on clearing out stale wardrobe pieces and clothes that don’t fit, you can reward yourself with a couple new items you need to invest in. Be ruthless. Reclaim your space and make room for a couple of signature pieces.
  4. Get a new hairstyle. Whatever your age, both men and women, hear this: changing your hair style (cut and/or color) is a daring adventure that isn’t dangerous: if you don’t like it, it grows back! You can make it super convenient and give an XSport salon a try…and while you’re there, go for a spa facial, too. First time clients can click here for a special offer.
  5. Take a trial class. There’s no shortage of new adventures awaiting you if you look through a few pages of local discount coupons online. Learn a new language, take a cooking class, learn self-defense, try ballroom dancing. Don’t overlook the chance to try a new class at the gym, either. Beginners welcome! Check out your club’s Group Fitness Schedule here.
  6. Meet someone new. To introduce yourself to someone at the party, or smile across the meeting or at the person in line next to you, can have a profoundly positive effect on your sense of boredom and routine. It only takes a moment to say hello to a new employee at the office and to show them down to the café.

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