Are there Safe Ways to Shrink a Size, Fast?

woman with tape measureEver been invited to a big occasion and wished you could fit into those clothes that are a bit too snug? You’ve probably wished for fast weight loss—not usually recommended.

Instead of drastic efforts, a lifestyle change is the best bet. But to get rid of a little extra weight in a hurry, let’s look to these tips for help with water weight, digestion and bloating.

  1. Drink More Water: If you feel that you’re retaining water, it might sound odd to recommend you drink more of it. The fact is, if you’re at all dehydrated, your body tries to protect you by retaining more water. So sip on water all day long, and it can help you shed the extra you’re retaining.
  2. Eat Less Sodium: A salty diet can lead to water retention, so try cutting back on higher-sodium choices to hedge against it. The biggest culprits tend to be processed and packaged foods. You don’t want to be eating those, anyway, especially when you’re trying to drop a size.
  3. Eat More Vegetables: You want their fiber to keep your digestive system moving and their nourishment to keep the rest of your systems in peak performance. Bonus: some veggies are a natural diuretic. Try beets, leafy greens and green beans.
  4. Include Probiotics: Have a bloated belly? Biology tells us that probiotics–also known as good bacteria–line our intestines to assist with digestion. And that helps our metabolism as well as our immune system. When your digestion is in balance, it can have a positive effect on everything else, including your nutrient absorption and your body weight.
  5. Intensify Your Exercise: If you have a few weeks to work on slimming down, why not crank up your exercise intensity for a simple way to sweat more and burn more fat? Add an incline to your cardio, high intensity intervals to your conditioning routine, and ask your group fitness instructor or personal trainer for some new, more advanced progressions to incorporate.
  6. Use a Sauna or Steam Room: It’s true, one of the quickest ways to drop a little weight is to head to a sauna or steam room. A short, hot break of up to 30 minutes can help you sweat out fluids and toxins. In addition, it can help your sore muscles recover and give your skin a rosy glow. Be sure to track your time in the heat, though—you don’t want to get dehydrated and start a water retention cycle all over again!

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