Prepping for Spring Break? Avoid Vacation Stress

girls on the beachIf you’re one of the lucky ones heading out of town for spring break soon, or even getting a jump on planning your next summertime trip, you’ll want to get set for a stress-free vacation.

Too many of us are pressured by vacation plans. We rush to get so much done before we leave, and are barely able to relax while we’re gone. These six steps will help you avoid all that and enjoy!

  1. Determine the main goal of your trip and make plans around just that. If it’s city life and dining, get your treasured reservations in advance. If it’s water sports, call ahead and make sure the equipment and classes you want are available at the time you’re going. No one needs the stress building up hopes or a certain kind of trip and not being able to do what you dreamed of.
  2. Don’t push being gone longer than feels right. If you’ll be rearranging a lot of deadlines or the kids will be missing games, there can be an undercurrent of stress while you’re gone because you know you’re missed. Better to be fully absorbed in your week away, then secretly worried what’s going on back home for two weeks.
  3. Let co-workers, teachers, service providers know well in advance. Getting projects reassigned or pest control rescheduled ahead of time helps you clear your mind of everyday schedules while you’re gone, and avoid extra stress when you return and need to “catch up” on appointments or work you missed.
  4. Plan on looking good while you’re gone. Some primping for your skin, nails and hair helps you celebrate good times with your best face forward on vacation. After all, when you look good, you feel good, right? Try a Versa Spa sunless tanning session at XSport, with skin conditioning, hydration and custom tanning levels. It will help you transform your skin in minutes and get the golden glow that makes you feel confident, before your vacation. Click here for a complimentary spray tan.
  5. Take a pre-packing inventory a few weeks ahead so you can avoid the last-minute pressure of shopping for clothing items you need to replace, or getting stuck paying twice the price at the pro shop for gear you could have brought along.
  6. Be sure your doctor visits and medications up to date. Getting an appointment at the last moment doesn’t work with most docs, and it’s an extra layer of stress if you have to try to fill medications while out of town. Naturally you want to make sure you’re in top health while you’re having the time of your life.

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