Pampering 101: My First Experience at the XSport Spa

woman getting massageIn recent editions of the XSport Life, we’ve heard from our fitness blogger, Faith, about her experiences as a first-timer in classes like AthletiX and the X-IT Xtra, Boxing.

This time, we’ve sent her to spend time at the XSport Spa for some healthful pampering and rejuvenation. Read on to hear about her chocolate mask, LED light facial and more.

XSport has a Spa? What kind of spa?

There are several XSport Spas in Illinois, New York and Virginia—but not every XSport Fitness location has a spa. You can check out where XSport spas are located, here. Happily, you don’t need to be a member to schedule a spa appointment at any of these locations.

The spas offer a range of traditional, beauty and sports recovery services, including massage, waxing, facials and pedicures.

My Massage Experience

Actually, I came to the spa to try the hydromassage bed in the self spa, but as a bonus, I went for a 30-minute hands-on massage by the therapist on duty at the Schaumburg club. It’s a recommended combo to maximize the recovery and relaxation experience. And it’s great that massage is available in the after-work and evening hours, with a range of massage types to offer as well.

In my case, as an arthritis patient, we need to be careful around the joints. Yet, I have a consistent little ball of tension by my shoulder blade, where my migraine headaches originate—that’s a good spot for deep tissue. While these aren’t the kinds of problems that can be erased in one massage, we did a great job getting it started. I had just taken a tough Athletix class, and I expected a lot more soreness the next day. The massage surely did the trick to relieve it. More than simply pampering, it felt like I was truly caring for my body.

My Mini-Facial Experience

I’m happy to confirm that the professionals working in the spa are highly qualified and offer truly thoughtful service. At the Downers Grove spa, my skin was analyzed and excellent recommendations were made based on a review of my questionnaire. We landed on a moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging experience, featuring chocolate.

That’s right, I had a chocolate facial using a product made in Hersey, PA. (Once the steam was wafting over my head, it did smell a lot like baking brownies.) I was most surprised by how wonderful it felt—creamy, rich… it makes sense, as there are plenty of nutrients in chocolate, plus cocoa butter. Once that was finished, I received a lovely moisture treatment, and looked more youthful and dewy, in less than 30 minutes!

My LED Facial Experience

woman getting LED Facial

I wouldn’t have tried this LED facial on my own, but am so glad it was recommended to me. After my mini-facial, I was taken to a special little room with a table for me to relax back on, and a small lamp that was pulled over my face. The lamp featured alternating pulses of red and blue light, programmed for my particular skin condition and needs. For me, anti-aging was the goal. For others, it’s pigmentation or acne treatment.

The LED light treatment stimulates collagen production, one of the keys to youthful skin. It’s a way to increase firming and decrease the “crepe” skin which appears on eyelids and necks. It also trains the DNA to respond smarter and reveal new skin, especially when used with serums or exfoliation products. I didn’t expect to feel much of anything after sitting under a light, but I did! It was a rejuvenating experience on a gray winter’s day, and I think LED light facials may become a regular thing for me.

Faith’s Takeaways:

Best parts: The personalized services. There is a full bag of tricks that the estheticians and massage therapists can choose from.

Watch outs: I don’t have any. Just let the spa know if you have any special needs or concerns. They’ll take good care of you.

Aftereffects: I knew I had dry skin, but until after my facial, I didn’t realize how dry my face felt before. I’ve noticed it ever since. What a difference soft, spongy skin makes.

Recommendation: If you’re going to pamper yourself with a massage, why not try a sports recovery massage? If it makes a big difference for you, you might want to make a reoccurring appointment.

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