How to Feel Good in Your Skin

Happy Woman Smiling - Feel good in your skinMaybe beauty is only skin deep, but how we feel about our skin is part of how we feel about our appearance overall—self-esteem and first impressions are key to “feeling good in your own skin.” That confidence, plus the fact that your skin is your body’s largest organ, makes knowing how to care for your skin an important part of knowing how to live well in a healthy lifestyle.

There is a lot to like about innovation and modern medicine when it comes to our health and wellness, and yet sometimes we find the best prevention is a bit more old school, and relies on simple things we can do for ourselves, like eating healthy and being fit.

In the case of caring for your skin, it’s good to know you don’t necessarily need the fanciest products or most expensive treatments to achieve healthy skin that you’re happy to be seen in. Dermatologists and beauty experts alike say you can do a lot on your own to achieve vibrant skin health.

Skin That’s Made in the Shade

No doubt, many of us love the look of a sun-kissed body, and in an active lifestyle, you can’t always stay out of the sun—what do you do if you love the beach or compete in outdoor sports? That’s where your sun protection comes in. These days there are plenty of alternatives to spending hours exposing your skin in the blazing sun to get bronzed.

  • Wear sunscreen: Go for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, offering protection from both UVA and UVB (different types of ultraviolet rays). And you don’t need to limit wearing products with sunscreen to summer months.
  • Protect all year: Protecting your exposed skin all year long, especially your face, neck and hands, is a healthy habit and an anti-aging trick. The sun shines in the winter, too! Choose products such as skin lotion and lip balm with sunscreen for everyday use.
  • Tan wisely: You can get that golden glow in tanning beds and with sunless tanning, too. To keep your skin in top shape, be sure to choose high-quality lotions that hydrate and nourish your skin, so you can get the look you want and support skin health, too. Click here for a free spray tan.
  • Wear a hat: Because the sun is in the sky, your head takes the brunt of its effects. Your skin on your scalp, ears and skin face can be better protected with a wide brimmed hat—ladies might consider a retro floppy sun hat or cowgirl Stetson hat cover the head, and men can choose something adventurous like a safari-style or expedition hat.

Clean Skin is a Clear Choice

Your skin is made up of billions of cells that naturally shed, and pores that release and absorb, all part of a biological system meant to protect your insides from the outside. The skin helps you weather and process everything from moisture and oil, to toxins and pollution. It makes sense to keep it clean, so it can do its important job!

  • Let it rest: We know rest and recovery is part of building strength and endurance—the same is true for your skin. Try to avoid layering on a lot of product every day and get plenty of sleep each night to give your skin the break it needs.
  • Wash your face: While you need to wash away the build-up from daily exposure to dirt, sweat and products, be careful not to overdo it with harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing on a daily basis. Gentle cleansers that remove makeup are a smart choice for everyday care. For occasional exfoliation, try something plant-based or organic. Not sure what kind of face wash is right for you? Click here for a complimentary skin consultation.
  • Remove makeup: It’s age-old advice: don’t go to sleep with your makeup on! When makeup is removed, the skin becomes a clear canvas ready do its healing work. One way to help the process even further is to clean your face as soon as you get home instead of waiting right before you go to bed.

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