Healthy Holiday Party Habits to Keep You on Track

group of people celebrating the holidaysAs we enter into what can be the most wonderful time of the year, we also realize there’s potential to undo much of the work we’ve done on healthy habits all year.

There’s no reason to dread the extra invitations and occasions that challenge your fit and healthy lifestyle. These simple tricks can help you stay on track in party season.

Cocktails, Anyone?
  • Let’s start with wine. If you enjoy it, it’s a decent choice in moderation. Red wine actually has some health benefits. Another option is to dilute your drinks, for example, a tall drink with extra seltzer water, such as a white wine spritzer or a tall scotch and soda, can last a long time and still let you enjoy a bit of social drinking.
  • A wise strategy to limit the number of drinks you have for any occasion is to alternate each one with a glass of water. It will fill you up and slow you down, perhaps cutting your alcohol intake in half, painlessly.

Manage your Munching
  • Stick to the most colorful foods, or the most flavorful. A plate of bright raw veggies complimented by some strong imported cheeses or a few slices of beef tenderloin under a pile of caramelized onions, can make your meal rich and satisfying, so you can stop eating when you’re full without regrets.
  • Arrive fashionably late, and already fed. As we mentioned in the Healthy Holiday Party Habits article in the Eat Smart section, it can be part of a truly wise strategy to grab a healthy, wholesome meal that meets your eating style needs before the party. That way, you can focus more on the fun than the food.

Mix, Mingle and Enjoy
  • Keep mingling at your holiday occasions. Use the office party to meet some of the new associates instead of hanging out near the bar or the chocolate fountain. Catch up with your favorite aunt at the family party instead of grabbing a plate of seconds.
  • Keep moving. This let’s your splurge day come at not quite the cost to your fitness goals. It can add up within a busy social season—stand as much as possible at a party. Dance if there’s dancing. Head outside with the kids to play the football with the family—or even to jump up and down and do some cheering.
  • Wear something special, and consider a slim fit if it suits you. When you clothes are cut well and don’t leave room for an expanding waistline that comes with munching or bloating up from a few beers, it’s a secret little reminder that you’re looking good and feeling great—and you want to keep it that way!

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