Getting Ready for a Big Day? Let’s Do This!

female triathleteIt will be before you know it—wedding, graduation, reunion, vacation…triathlon? You don’t want to wait until the last minute to think about the shape you want to be in.

It should be something to look forward to, wearing that dress, suit, bikini or whatever. It can be—here are our top tips for planning ahead. If you get started now, you can look and feel your best for the big event.

  1. Consider working with a pro to develop a personalized plan. First things first: you want your training to work well in your time frame, and not be a big stressor. A small investment of time and dollars could bring a very big return in your results. Of course, a personal trainer is not a necessity.
  2. If you’re going it alone, start with a tracking journal. You’ll be able to measure your gains, keep your enthusiasm high, and adjust as needed if you track your workouts, your progress, and ideally, your meals too. Get some help with your body measurements every few weeks as well.
  3. Select a simple routine that you can be consistent with. When you’re on a mission to whip yourself into shape, it’s critical that you stay on task and build on your gains. So make the time and save the energy to get to the gym and complete all your workouts—track your gold stars in your journal, too!
  4. If weight loss is your goal, choose a type of eating plan. And gather some weekly menu ideas, shopping lists and make time for food prep. You’ll have to commit to watching your food intake if you have lofty body shaping goals. And you don’t want to be overeating while working hard to look your best, right?
  5. Build your own support team. Whether you’re preparing for a race or a wedding, it sure helps to have people around you who support and respect your aspirations. Let your friends, co-workers, gym buddies and bridal party in on your plans. You might be surprised at all the healthy dates and recipe ideas that start to roll in. And it can make the work leading up to the big day a lot more fun!
  6. Envision your success now. Buy the suit and the shoes. Schedule the hair and the makeup. Sign up to reserve your race day and time. Talk about how excited you are on social media. Plan lunch at the lake house with your cousins… whatever you do, believe in your ability to meet your goals and enjoy the results!

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