What to Do with Your Extra Hour of Daylight This Spring

man running with dogNot everyone agrees with the notion of Daylight Savings Time, especially when we “lose an hour of sleep” after turning the clocks ahead each spring.

Yet we don’t really lose an hour, we gain an extra hour of daylight. You have 60 more minutes of after-work time before the sun sets, have some fun and make the most of it!

  • Get fresh air. Stepping outside and breathing in the air is good for you, and now you have some time at the end of the day to fit this simple activity in. Maybe you’ll take a longer walk with the dog, or meditate out on the patio. Whatever you do, enjoy extra time outdoors in the longer days.
  • Cook (and eat) outside. Speaking of fresh air, since you’ll have to be having dinner anyway, why not begin the outdoor barbeque season? Take the time to set up the grill and get your fresh meats and veggies in order. Cooking and dining outside is an hour well-spent on a simple way to eat clean—so make some extra for during the week!
  • Conquer your errands. When you work all day, especially if you have a commute, getting home in the dark makes you want to go home and settle in. With an extra hour of daylight you can grab your gas, run through the bank and pick up the dry cleaning so your weekends won’t be quite as jam-packed with tedious to-dos.
  • Shop for new gear. When you need to carry around bags, travel from store to store, or head in and out of fitting room, it’s just a lot easier and more convenient in the daylight. You can make sure your running shoes look great with your windbreaker, pick up the new water bottle or gym bag you wanted, and get stocked up on your supplements, too.
  • Try something new. Sunshine tends to perk us up, and a great way to apply that extra energy is to explore and experiment. How about checking the schedule for a new class at the gym, now that you’ve got that extra spring in your step? What about heading out for a hike through a new park or a bike ride on a new path?
  • Get a massage. When the days get longer you might not feel like heading straight home after a workday and/or a workout, but still, you can take some time to relax and recharge. An appointment for a massage can be just the treat you need this spring, especially if you’re working out harder to get in shape for summer or race season.
  • Practice a sport. Your extra hour of daylight lets you go hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, perfect your serve on the tennis court, shoot hoops down the street, or take shots on goal with the soccer ball. Let the sunshine support your sporty side.

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