Easy Ways to Make Memories this Summer

scrapbooking image with family walking towards sunsetOne of the best parts about the fast-approaching summer season is the ability to enjoy a little more down time. Easy no-cook meals, lazy evenings on the deck… it’s all good!

Memorial Day gets things started: and the memories you make in summer are always special. Here are some ideas for picture-perfect moments you can create this year.

  1. Make a summer bucket list. Where are the places you want to go and the people you want to see? What about learning something new or revisiting an old pastime? The best way to get started on making summer memories is to actually make some plans, put them on the calendar, and keep them!
  2. Invite people over. All too often we miss the chance to make memories because we set our expectations too high, and that comes into play even more when it’s a matter of entertaining: what will you cook, how clean is your house, what will you do? Who cares! If people you love get together, they can surely make their own fun (and bring a dish to pass). And are they there to see your cleaning habits or to see you?
  3. Start—and fill—a photo album. You might be snapping pics on your smart phone all the time, which is fine for you to review or to show a friend… but for the long term, or to share with a crowd? You’ll love making memories to photograph, print, and keep in a dedicated album titled “Summer 2015.”
  4. Start—and fill—a journal. You might have fond memories of keeping a diary when you were younger, or if not, imagine how cool it really is to chat with your own self about your observations, your secret thoughts, your good days and your special experiences. Your journal can be a touchpoint for your bucket list, or it can accompany your photos. Have some fun with it, use it to relax, or find your creative side on paper.
  5. Cook up a list of summer recipes. Food is one of our strongest traditions and the center of celebrations, and there’s no better time than summer to find a bounty of healthy ingredients to work with, and easy ways to prepare them. Tuesday might be Taco Night, but don’t forget about Saturaday Salads (did you grow a little garden?) or Thirsty Thursdays (special smoothies for everyone)!
  6. Select a radius to explore. You can start with your own block… or even your yard. You’ll be surprised how many things you don’t know about the environment you live in. What kind of birds are in that nest, how many squares of sidewalk can you fill with chalk art, and who are the new move-ins? Your town can be next: where haven’t you visited, eaten, or ridden your bike? Even a 100 mile radius can be reached in a couple of hours by car, making for a cool Sunday drive with plenty of memories to be made.
  7. Join a team. Softball or soccer, church bake sale or food pantry volunteer, where ever you place yourself this summer, it’s a great idea to be around likeminded people with similar goals. Even a summer job has been known to form lasting friendships and special seasonal bonds you’ll remember for life!

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