Our Annual Holiday Health & Fitness Gift Guide

woman getting massageWhether you’re looking for suggestions to help bulk up your own wish list for the holidays, or shopping for the health and fitness buffs you know, we have you covered.

We’re back with our annual list of our favorite gifts fit for your favorite workout buddy or any novice fitness seeker. We have a range of ideas suitable for men and women.

For Her:

The Wellness Mama Cookbook: Know anyone who works, has kids, maintains a home and keeps herself in good shape, too? So does Katie Wells, a popular blogger who created the Wellness Mama website. She has made a career of sharing how to feed herself and her family health foods, fast and on a budget.

  • Recipes, shopping lists and how-tos
  • Suggestions for slow-cooker and one-pot meals to help you sail through evenings
  • Meals include Sesame Chicken, Sweet Potato Crusted Quiche Lorraine, Beef and Zucchini Stir Fry… available for under $20 on Amazon and other stores

Alo Athletic Wear: The dream is to have comfortable, well-made clothing she can wear to the gym, then to go run errands, and then lounge at home in. The must-have look for fit gals is “Athleisure” — soft comfort, multi-purpose, great looking. Alo brand is a leader in this space and has a range of pants, tops and accessories to mix and match.

  • She’ll look great in the yoga pants with an emphasis on style
  • Available in on-trend colors and plenty of figure-flattering black
  • Prices vary; the Alo brand of athleisure wear is carried at XSport stores

Pamper her at one of XSport’s Spas: Did you know that several of our clubs not only feature sports recovery massage and tanning, but also the chance to rejuvenate your skin, release stress in your deep tissue, and even burn calories in a private sauna or hydrotherapy experience of your own? We have both “self spa” and traditional spa options available,

  • Our spas are staffed with experienced professionals who understand your needs
  • Ask about the peppermint massage—great way celebrate the holidays!
  • Gift certificates are available, and your recipient does NOT need to be a member of the gym to enjoy spa treatments. Ask at the spa desk for more information.
For Him:

The Shredded Chef: This cookbook is more than a collection of recipes, it also teaches from the science perspective, how nutrition factors into gaining muscle and losing fat. With this book, your favorite gym lover learns how to cook fast, healthy and tasty meals that work with his fitness and weight loss goals.

  • 20 healthy and delicious recipes designed for athletes who want to build muscle
  • A list of 9 basic rules for an eating style that leads to a great physique
  • Recipes for meals like French Muscle Toast, Lean and Mean Zucchini Hash Browns and Meathead Meatballs, in this book priced at 15.99 for the Kindle edition

A Six Pack Meal Management Bag: One of these sturdy and convenient meal tote systems will revolutionize his efforts to eat right, right on time, wherever he goes. The Six Pack Bag will be a welcome addition to the life of your busy, fit guy.

  • The bags include freezer packs and leakproof containers for meals and supplements
  • The shoulder strap is a comfortable, ergonomic design
  • The reinforced modular shelving system inside makes grabbing his meal, snack, water, etc., neat and easy. Starting at about $70; available at XSport stores

Total Upper Body Workout Bar: He may be hitting the gym on a regular basis, but there’s always those times when he wants to squeeze in a little extra work at home, on vacation, etc. This piece of equipment is the answer.

  • His doorway becomes a pull-up bar station
  • He can do his triceps dips and more on this sturdy bar.
  • No more skipping the workout because he’s stuck at the office. Even better, it’s under $25!

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