My First Fitness Orientation Part II: The Workout

woman working with personal trainerAs we follow along with our fitness blogger, Faith, we’re getting the first-hand scoop on what it’s like to be a newbie trying various experiences at XSport, from classes to the spa and more.

Last edition, we began the story about her first personal training session—the complimentary orientation offered to new members. Read on to learn what she did in the workout, and how it went.

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My First Fitness Orientation – Getting Off to a Solid Start

woman working with personal trainerHi, I’m Faith. In recent editions of the XSport Life, you may have read my play-by-play articles as a newbie experiencing XSport through Athletix, Boxing and pampering at the XSport Spa.

This time, I’ve been sent to truly start at square one, with the complimentary personal training session offered to all members. Here’s Part I of my series on this session, which resulted in some pleasant surprises, a little bit of soreness, and a totally doable personalized fitness plan for me.

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Fit for the Slopes: Train Like a Snow Sport Athlete

woman snowboardingPerhaps you’ve noticed the agility, endurance, balance and strength of pro skiers and snowboarders—their skills are admirable in action, and they look good off the slopes, too.

Whether you’re heading out for some black diamond runs or some simple winter fun, there are key fundamentals you can incorporate in your workouts to help you get fit for the slopes.

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How to Protect Your Back at the Gym

woman doing lat pulldownYour spine—it’s so important as the conduit for your central nervous system, which lets you move. And feel! From neck to tailbone, this is a body part you don’t want to mess around with.

There are plenty of attachments to the spine to protect as well. It’s best not to overdo it and hurt your back, or worse, to injure your spine at the gym. Use these tips to avoid a “bad back.”

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Getting Fitness Results: Tips from a Top Personal Trainer

Fitness ResultsResults. Getting them is the reason most people join a fitness club in the first place. If you’ve ever wished you were getting more, better fitness results, faster, you’re not alone.

We’ve asked one of our top trainers for specific advice on how he gets fitness results with his clients, and what you can borrow from his approach to get the most from your own fitness program.

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