Strength Training, Calorie Burn & Fat Loss

strength trainingSince the exact number of calories burned during strength training workouts depends on your size, body composition, the length of time you spend working out, and the intensity of your training, there isn’t just one chart that can tell you what the effects will be for you.

However, we can look to studies and ranges to get an overall idea of how beneficial strength training will be for you, if you are hoping to lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass (the recommended goal!). Below is a list excerpted from a chart by Harvard Medical School, which divides activities and their potential burn by the weight of a person.

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Get a Good Grip on your Strength Training

woman doing curlWhen you want to alter your workouts to target different muscle groups, it’s common to look for new or different exercises. But altering your hand grips can do the trick, too.

Grips and hand positions are not only a way to refine your workout, proper use of these techniques will help you maximize your results and minimize your risk of injury.

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3 Easy Ways to Monitor Your Heart Rate

Man checks his heart rateWhether you’re new to exercise or a super-fit athlete in training, it’s best if you understand how your cardiovascular system is handling your workout routine.

Knowing if you’re working too hard or not enough isn’t always an exact science, but one way to help determine this is monitoring your heart rate, or rate of exertion.

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Keep your Eyes on the Thighs

woman doing lungeWe have a lot of mixed feelings about our thighs. Men might not pay much attention to them compared to chests and arms. Women often find thighs to be their trouble spot.

Are they big enough, thin enough, sculpted enough or smooth enough? If you’re not feeling pride in your thighs, the time has come to give them some positive attention.

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Get Stronger with 3-Dimensional Exercise

man and woman with medicine ballWhen you’re new to the gym, it’s best to master the basics first. Learn the standard elements of strength training, and build your form, agility and balance to keep you safe.

After you’ve gotten the basics down, it’s time to look for more complex movements, not only to challenge you, but to maximize your results. Think multi-dimensional—here’s how.

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