The Facts and Fallacies of Muscle and Fat

couple doing planksBecause our fitness level is a key contributor to our health and our looks, most of us have tried or heard about different training approaches to get various physical results.

Having accurate information helps us choose the most effective ways to reach our goals and stay healthy. So let’s take a look at the basic facts and myths about body fat and muscle.

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Why You Want To Warm Up

woman stretchingJust like you might prepare for your next road trip, a meeting with your boss, or a big presentation, you should also prepare your body for activities and workouts.

Warming up before physical exertion provides protective benefits and helps make the most of your efforts, too. Still, many people skip this important step of their routine.

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Don’t Skip the Squats (but Do Them Right!)

woman balancing on a bosu ballPerforming a squat is one of the most functional movements of human motion. The body mechanics are similar to those required in everyday life, such as sitting down, getting up and preparing to jump.

Squatting strengthens the gluteal (rear end) muscles and legs, especially quadriceps and hamstrings, and also conditions the low back, hips and knees. Squats are a useful exercise for nearly everyone!

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Balance & Coordination: Exercises that Encourage Complete Fitness

Balance and CoordinationFive key areas of fitness should be considered when developing a complete workout routine focused on improving health and wellness for the long term. Aside from aerobic/cardio work, strength training, flexibility work/stretching, and core strength, aim to include some exercises that also promote balance and improve coordination.

Happily, many of the other fitness activities you perform already have a positive effect on coordination and/or can be easily modified to address balance as well. Here are some simple exercises you can simply add on to the workout routine you already have, or do at home to supplement your gym time, in order to encourage more balance and coordination.

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