The Benefits of Your Mind-Body Connection

group of people doing yogaMost of us hear mind-body fitness (or, body-mind, depending on who you ask) and automatically connect it with practices like yoga, tai chi or Pilates. That’s a good start.

But there’s more to making that connection than focused, controlled floor work—like the benefits of putting “your mind into your muscle” during cardio and strength training.

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What Should I Do to Warm Up…and Why?

woman stretchingJust like you might prepare for your next road trip, a meeting with your boss, or a big presentation, you should also prepare your body for activities and workouts.

Warming up before physical exertion provides protective benefits and helps make the most of your efforts, too. Still, many people skip this important step of their routine.

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Tricks to Make Over Your Exercise Habit: Part 2

couple doing push ups on Bosu ballsIn our last edition of The XSport Life, we discussed how to address the issue of working out long term, with weight loss or fat burning goals that you haven’t been able to reach yet.

That might mean it’s time for an exercise makeover. Switching your focus, changing your pace and increasing your intensity are all good approaches. First, because exercise plans and routines are often abandoned when they don’t bring the level of results people are looking for, or when they start to get dull and monotonous.

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