Super-Fast Fitness Tricks to Fit into Your Schedule

woman doing squats at home with babyLet’s face it, winter hits, the holidays come, end of the year work deadlines are pressing and it tends to get tougher keeping up with your ideal workout routine. We get it.

Hopefully, you’re taking good care of yourself all year long, even when you’re busy. But when you feel pressed for time on some days and just need a quick fix to fill in, try these tricks.

3 Minutes Every Hour: If you follow this trick, you can keep yourself loose and active, and even get a bit of a bodyweight workout in, over the course of most normal days. At the office? That’s okay, this still works if you can find a little private spot, say in the supply closet or stairway landing. If you don’t have stairs, use a ramp, hall or hill. If you can use a chair, try a counter or a bathroom stall door.

Start at 8 am then grab three minutes every hour through 5 o’clock for a short interval of exercise. That will amount to 30 minutes over the course of your day. You’ll hardly notice giving up that time, but your body will thank you for the sprints and strength.

Here is a list of suggested moves. Do each of them for the full three minutes to the best of your ability:

  1. Triceps dips in your chair
  2. Chair Pose and squats
  3. Very fast walk up & down stairs
  4. High knees, standing #4 stretch
  5. Pushups against a private wall
  1. Eagle pose and squats
  2. Stretch – arms, legs & back
  3. Lunges front, side & calf raises
  4. Lift stuff up, put stuff away, reach
  5. Very fast walk up & down stairs

30 Minutes in the Fitness Pod: When you’re at the gym you can get more fitness bang for your buck if you head over to the Self Spa for a session in the fitness pod. This simple trick will let you begin your recovery AND burn more calories in the personal, dry heat environment.

man in fitness podThe Fitness Pod looks a lot like a tanning bed, but it’s capsule shaped. You’ll rest on back as the pod heats up like a sauna and emits infrared light, stimulating your hypothalamus gland and getting your heart rate up.

How does it work? A main benefit is hypothermic conditioning: infrared rays make the water molecules in the body vibrate and break down, to release toxins that you then sweat out. When the sweat glands are activated it elevates the heart rate. So, the body seeks to cool itself and burns calories—it is possible to burn hundreds of calories in one session.

Aside from enhancing metabolic function, the pod may also stimulate the production of collagen, and help with recovery by dilating blood vessels to increase circulation and deliver oxygen throughout your body.

There is a massage element to the pod as well. Few things are as soothing as heat and massage together, so the pod also offers a calming environment to help relieve stress and tension. It’s plenty of health and fitness power packed into a single half hour!

Click here to request a free Fitness Pod session.

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