Plan Your Next Workout with the XSport Fitness App

The XSport Fitness App is a complete fitness and nutrition tool, packed with tons of features to help you reach your fitness goals. In this article and video we will look at planning your workouts. The app comes with a variety of workouts for you to follow, and allows you to easily create custom workouts from thousands of exercises.

Plan an Existing Workout

Select “My Workouts” from your home screen

Scroll through your club’s workout page to see what workouts have been created for you to try! Select a workout to learn more about it.

Choose your Workout & click “Plan this Workout”

Select your start date, number of weeks, and when you want this workout to end. You can plan different workouts for different days of the week!

Click on “Play Workout” and get a started!

When you are ready to workout, choose the day from your calendar, and follow along with your app for a great workout!

Create a Custom Workout

app screen custom

From home screen, select “My Workouts” then “Custom” at Top

If you have not already created a workout, the “Custom Workouts” screen should show you have “No workouts available”. Click “Create Workout” at the bottom.

Customize your workout information

From the “Edit Workout” screen you can choose an image to associate with your workout, name your workout, select the difficulty level, the goal for that workout, a description, and the frequency.

Add Exercises

After you have finished entering your workout information it is time to start building your workout. At the bottom of the “Edit Workout” screen click “Add Activity”. This will bring up a list of all available exercises, which you can filter by “Muscles” and “Equipment”. Click on an exercise to preview an animated example of that exercise. From there you can choose to add that exercise to your workout by clicking the “Add Exercise” button at the bottom. After you have finished adding your exercises, click “Save” at the top.

Schedule Your Custom Workout

After saving your new custom workout, you will be taken to a detail page of this workout. All of your information and exercises will be displayed here. To schedule your workout click the “Plan this workout” button at the bottom. Here you can select or confirm your start and end date, number of weeks, and days of the weeek. Again, click “Plan this workout”. From your activity calendar, you can click the current day to begin that day’s workout. Click the first exercise to get started, and follow along with the timed animations.

Download the XSport Fitness App and start planning your workouts

xsport fitness app on iphone

  • Workouts – Create custom workouts or follow existing workouts
  • Food Tracker – Stick to your nutritional plan
  • Community – Share recipes, stories and tips

The XSport Fitness App is available exclusively to XSport members. Click here to request an invite to set up your app account.

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