New Year, Be Fit: Total Body Workout List

woman getting a total body workout on exercise bikeA highlight of each New Year is when you start to make resolutions about fitness and weight loss. If you want to be fit from top to bottom in 2018, use this list of workout ideas.

  • Arms & Shoulders. If you want to build bigger arms, it’s a great idea to concentrate on heavy multi-joint exercises that also work on your shoulders, like military press or overhead press, plus the dip and burpee shoulder press we include here. To add more definition as you work toward that sculpted look, add some isolation work for your biceps and triceps, too:
    Getting Great Arms—Strong and Sculpted
    Burpee Shoulder Press Exercise
  • Back & Chest. First, learn a few basic back exercises that will help with both strength and mobility. You can use three pieces of strength equipment to do the following exercises a couple of times per week and get great results. Then, alternate them with these super effective chest exercises, too, to get an enviable upper body in the New Year:
    Build a Beautiful Back: Three Key Exercises
    If You Want Your Best Chest, Try These Exercises
  • Abs. Need we say more? The midsection is likely to be a top target of our resolutions to be fit in 2018. While a consistent, total body strength, fitness and diet plan will go a long way to improve your waistline, here is more information to help you reach your six-pack (or eight-pack!) goals, including guidance on how to learn and progress a favorite core exercise, the plank:
    The Perfect Plank for Every Fitness Level
    The Truth About Abs and How to Work Them
  • Legs & Lower Body. A lower body strength workout twice a week is an excellent idea for all of us, as is a regular arsenal of stretches we can do to help our legs recover after exercise. Dedicate yourself to some classic leg, hip and glute exercises and you’ll feel great heading out in your summer clothes by the middle of the New Year—we suggest extra attention to your squat, too:
    Getting Great Legs: Strong, Lean and Limber
    Don’t Skip the Squats–But Do Them Right
  • Feet & Ankles. You might be surprised at how many aspects of strength, speed and pain can be related to your feet and your ankle joints, but it’s true—improve your foot fitness and ankle mobility, and you can improve your overall fitness, balance and coordination, too:
    How Ankle Mobility Problems Can Hold You Back
    Balance and Coordination Exercises
  • Mind-Body and Breath. It’s not easy to block out distractions when you’re at a busy gym with other exercisers all around you, but that is a worthy goal during any workout routine you participate in. Build your mind-body connection and it will help you build your muscles… plus, don’t forget to breathe!
    The Benefits of Your Mind-Body Connection
    In With the Good Air—Breathing and Exercise

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