Group Exercise for Beginners at the Gym

Group of people in a group exercise classAre you new to the gym and wondering which classes are best for beginners who want to be fit? Below we review favorites to look for on your club’s group fitness schedule!

First, we should cover what it means to be a beginner in a group fitness class—because the experience can vary for different individuals:

  • You might be brand new to exercise, or you might have been away from exercise for a year or more. In these cases, you’re likely to feel more comfortable working at a beginner fitness level.
  • Maybe you’re not new to group fitness, but you don’t have experience in a certain type of class. For example, you’ve experienced some yoga, but have never been on a stationary bike.
  • Even if you are very experienced in one aspect of fitness, such as strength training in the weight room, you might want to explore a new challenge, now like cardio training or Pilates.

TIP: Whatever the reason for seeking out the right group class for you, it should align with your interests, first and foremost. Group classes work best when you let yourself have fun and share energy!

There are a few, simple guidelines you can follow to start your group workouts as a beginner, both for safety and effectiveness:

  • Frequency matters—alternate class types if you’re working out every day
  • Classes may offer full body training, or focus on muscle groups like arms or abs
  • A learning curve is okay—let your instructor know you’re a beginner
  • Your group classes will include a warm up and cool down, so stay the whole time

TIP: Many of our group fitness classes at XSport are offered for participants at various levels, not just strictly for novice or advanced. Explore those you’re interested in and simply take it at your own pace.

We offer several categories of group fitness at most of our clubs:

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Here are a few group fitness classes that many members start with as beginners, but end up sticking with for a long time to follow. Why? Well, because of the results of course, but also, because of the fun! Look for these classes on the group fitness schedule at your club.

Train for improvements in everyday, real life activities by creating a little core commotion! You will use hand weights and functional movement patterns to walk away more confident and ready to take on the world!

Do you want to train like an athlete, ride like a racer, and find your inner competitor? Jump on a bike and ride to the driving beats that will improve your cardio endurance and muscular strength. This low impact/high intensity workout will leave you drenched in sweat, yet inspired to come back for more!

A regular yoga practice will help transform your mind and body, ultimately helping you find inner calmness and peace. Enhance your strength, balance, flexibility and stability. Leave feeling stronger and more centered. Just breathe… OM.

Muscle Up
Bring the weight room to the studio! A strength training class specifically choreographed to use barbells and your own body weight to maximize your strength and define the muscles of your body. Each part of your body will get worked separately. Be prepared to leave the class feeling truly strong. Bring the power!

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